07:24 GMT +328 March 2017
    John McCain

    Never-Trumper John McCain Joins With Democrats to Push for Russian Sanctions

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    Arizona Republican Senator John McCain announced on Monday that he will join Democratic Senators Ben Cardin and Robert Menendez to push for additional sanctions against Russia.

    The trio of Senators said that legislation they plan to introduce will impose “comprehensive” sanctions on the Kremlin over alleged attempts to influence the US election against Hillary Clinton in favor of Trump.

    McCain, who many amusingly suggest is the posterchild for term limits, has long been a foe of Trump, even refusing to vote for him on November 8, 2016.

    On Thursday, during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee, McCain called the purported attempts to sway the election "an unprecedented attack on our democracy.” 

    The following day, highly-anticipated declassified US intelligence report that aimed to prove claims of Russian meddling fell flat. An annex to the report that contained factual material included to provide evidence that the RT television channel influenced the American public had, in fact, been compiled in December 2012, just after the reelection of Barack Obama. As Trump was not a politician at the time of the examples cited in the report, if Russia was swinging votes at the time of the examples, the only beneficiary of the coverage was the now-outgoing president of the United States, who won a landslide victory over Republican Mitt Romney.

    Trump also met with intelligence officials for a briefing on the issue earlier in the day, issuing a statement immediately afterward stating that “there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines."

    Republican Senator Ted Cruz and other allies of Trump have maintained that the push against Russia is an attempt by the Democratic Party to save face by blaming anyone but themselves for their loss.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to sanctions by the Obama administration by saying that he will not retaliate, and instead will determine further steps in restoring ties with the United States, depending on the policy of the President-elect.


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      Now I know that this is nothing but a political con-job by vermin like McCain. In the absence of any evidence, this demented senile old turd is still at it.
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      McCain is a heart attack waiting to happen. Bannon will, hopefully, save his life, while at the same time, lulling him into 60% less of his histrionics.
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      marcanhaltin reply toedover3(Show commentHide comment)
      edover3, It shows that, when it came down to it, there was little similarity between the choice of he or Obama. They are both cut of the same cloth: deceit.
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      Why can't someone take McCain's committee assignment? IS McCain the boss of all of the GOP. McCain answers to no one. A lot of people from various political views can't stand the guy.
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      Come on GOP. This is politics. I KNOW somebody knows how to put pressure on McCain. Take his committee assignment. He's not a Republican. The GOP just lets McCain do anything he wants to do? If not McCain, then get a more effective state leader for the Arizona GOP. Why are these state parties running these poor quality candidates?
    • HardHawkin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, The question should be, how come a registered traitor in time of war against his country, have ever become senator and what kind of clones, are those who voted for him, knowingly that they vote for a traitor of his country to save his skin, as is the standard practice of all rats.
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      marcanhaltin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, ...because he is a ranking Senator who gets to choose the committees he wants to work on
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      double bonus
      McCain lost the election where Trump just won. It is good that
      McCain didn't vote for Trump, since he represents a group of losers.
      McCain is a Liberal Democrat pretending to be a Republican, so who cares?
      Watch out for that nasty old-man smell, when McCain enters the room.
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      jasin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, www.gop.com/leaders/states/AZ
      Then it's time to confront the party leaders of the states. It's their job to protect and promote the party. McCain is a disaster.
    • gentile awakening
      McCain has no credibility, but since lieberman has a hold of his leash he will do what he is told to do even if the entire country hates him! Did anyone see McCains 31 million dollar estate in arizona up for sale?
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      marcanhaltin reply togentile awakening(Show commentHide comment)
      gentile awakening, That is his wife's property. McCain has no money of his own, She inherited millions from her dad which has funded his stay in WAshington.
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      Good luck with your new career as an Independent your BOSS wont tolerate being back doored like any other boss except Obama but he's gone! history your living in past glory of being a big mouth and a big shot as I said LOL with your new stance as an Independent and then lets see how friggin important you are?
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      This man suffers from PTSD, and needed treatment many years ago. Only in America could the mentally ill serve as representation.
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      I am continually impressed by Russia's patience with the US because for every discusting thing the US does to them the stronger Russia gets.
    • gentile awakeningin reply tomarcanhalt(Show commentHide comment)
      marcanhalt, They call her the ketchup queen, but even though she inherited the money they are married meaning it's their money not just hers! Even though the modern world has become pro feminism, most of the older generation has not been infected by that sickness! I don't like McCain because of his zionist links, but if he is still the man in his family i can respect that...
    • NATOisEVIL
      These People are so hate filled that they don't understand that they only make Russia stronger by these sanctions. Maybe they will be hurtful in the short term, but in the long run it will strengthen Russia.
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      War criminal McCain is switching sides hoping to save his neck. It won't work.
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      FightForTruthin reply toedover3(Show commentHide comment)
      How magical a story. The US instigates the Vietnam conflict, Senator McCain is a POW in that conflict, and later represents this countries people with a posture that totally reflects........ conflict. Only in America.
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