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    WikiLeaks: US Intel Report on Russia Hacking 'Has Poor Sourcing and No Evidence'

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    The US intelligence community report alleging that Russian hackers interfered in the 2016 presidential election lacks evidence and quality sources, WikiLeaks said in a statement.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — A public version of the comprehensive intelligence report assessing Russian activities and intentions in the 2016 US presidential elections was released on Friday.

    ​“The released report has poor sourcing and no evidence,” WikiLeaks stated in a Twitter post on Friday.

    Earlier on Friday, the US Intelligence Community released a public version of the comprehensive intelligence report assessing Russian activities and intentions related to the 2016 US presidential election.

    WikiLeaks also said that it seemed as if the US intelligence agencies arrived at their conclusions by “watching television” and reading social media.

    The whistleblower organization pointed out how mainstream American media outlets have even slammed the report for its lack of substance.

    The New York Times said in an article on Friday after the report was released that, "the declassified report contained no information about how the agencies had collected their data or had come to their conclusions."

    Russia has repeatedly denied the US allegations calling them absurd and characterizing them as an attempt to divert public opinion from revelations of corruption as well as other pressing domestic issues.

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      I wonder if there are any analysts able to analyse the end result of this garbage currently happening in the us?
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      So long the World exist we have intelligent organizations !!! so good so bad !!!
      If the usa spy on all German E-Mails and even on Fr. Merkel's handy and if Germany ask for a explanation from the usa there told in a way like a general do to a soldier "this is fully normal" close your mouth. So cyber hacking is all so a kind of spying !!! The usa will do like all other country's !!! Only the usa believe there are the world masters and tell to the rest it is forbidden. The west media is the BIG LIAR and brain wash the people in the west !!!
      I cant believe Russia has "hack the democratic party" the democratic party have destroy them self !!! And there will not admit that !!!
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