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    Donald Trump hugs a U.S. flag as he comes onstage to rally with supporters in Tampa, Florida, U.S. October 24, 2016

    'This is Just the Beginning': Trump on Twitter on Cars and on Tax

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    What do General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Chevy have in common with US President-elect Donald Trump?

    The answer is: Twitter.

    True to form, the US President-lect Donald Trump has taken to the social media site to tell the world what he thinks about car giant, Toyota.

    ​Responding to the plans announced by the car giant to build its new car plant in Mexico, Donald Trump warned Toyota that the company would face "big taxes."

    "No way! Build plant in US or pay big border tax."

    The open spat with the car giant on Twitter promptly revealed the industry's competitive nature, with Donald Trump then profusely thanking Ford on Twitter for scrapping its decision to build its new plant in Mexico and shift it to Michegan in the US instead.

    But for car giants who haven't made decisions quite so popular with Trump, the US President Elect took to Twitter to issue his threat and with similar rhetoric, warned General Motors Co about manufacturing its Chevy Cruze in Mexico, not the US.

    "Make in USA or pay big border tax!"

    The decision by Ford Motor Co. to scrap its plans to build US$1.6 billion assembly plant in Mexico has allowed Mr. Trump to claim one of his first victories in his battle to make US manufacturers stay in the US.

    Following his Tweet, Mr. Trump's official team confirmed that if US companies moved their manufacturing jobs and businesses out of the US then they could become a target for higher tax bills.

    Speaking to Canada's Globe and Mail, Sean Spicer, the incoming White House secretary said Trump's goal "is to put America first, to restore America's manufacturing base."


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      Strange how the haters want to keep others from seeing what Trump has to say. Maybe not so unexpected for the haters to want to silence all who disagree with them. .
    • landauroj
      The USA is signatory of the WTO (World Trade Organization), so Trump actions to tax 35% to the importation of car and other stuff may contradict the spirit of the WTO rules. The USA has an internal agreement with Canada and Mexico, as well as Germany, where GM owns Opel and cars are manufacturer in Europe as well as Ford.
    • avatar
      Ibrahim Ahmad
      Oh Trump ! Oh Baby ! haha

      Well, I think the trouble with Trump concerning Latin Americans is personal, and it’s not about ordering for some taxes on cars that brought to USA from Mexico whether they were Mexican-made or assembled in Mexico.

      It’s a personal issue with Trump about Latin Americans in general and for some reason.

      Properly that’s why we’ve seen Esteban Santiago – for example - the suspect in the shooting attack at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport lately, some bats in USA try to use such feeling inside Trump about Mexicans and Latin Americans to push Trump more and more in his political decisions against Latin Americans later.

      Anyway, I think if Trump found some barr body in the cars’ bodies that came from Mexico, he may changed his mind :D LOOOL
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