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    An Agni IV missile capable of carrying nuclear warhead and a range of 2,500-3,500 kilometers is displayed during the main Republic Day parade in New Delhi, India, Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012

    Chinese Media: If India Makes More ICBMs, Beijing Will Help Pakistan Respond

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    After India completed testing on Monday of its newest ballistic missile variant, China warned New Delhi that if long-range missile development continues, Beijing would help Pakistan, an "all-weather friend," do the same.

    In an editorial, China’s state-run Global Times wrote, "If the UN Security Council has no objection over (inter-continental ballistic missiles), let it be. The range of Pakistan's nuclear missiles will also see an increase," according to the Times of India

    The comment came following New Delhi’s sixth and reportedly final test of the Agni-IV ICBM, developed by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation, featuring nuclear capabilities and a strike range of 4000 km. The sophisticated surface-to-surface missile is also equipped with a fifth-generation on-board computer and can handle temperatures of over 4,000 degrees centigrade. 

    The Global Times editorial stated, "If the Western countries accept India as a nuclear country and are indifferent to the nuclear race between India and Pakistan, China will not stand out and stick rigidly to those nuclear rules as necessary. At this time, Pakistan should have those privileges in nuclear development that India has."

    Adding later that "(China) will not sit still if India goes too far…New Delhi understands that it does little good to itself if the Sino-Indian relations are ruined by any geopolitical tricks." 

    China claims that New Delhi has "broken" regulations governing the  number of long-range missiles and nuclear weapons allowed by the United Nations, suggesting that Western governments are not holding India to the same standard as other countries. 

    "The US and some Western countries have also bent the rules on its nuclear plans. New Delhi is no longer satisfied with its nuclear capability and is seeking intercontinental ballistic missiles that can target anywhere in the world and then it can land on an equal footing with the UN Security Council's five permanent members," the editorial reads.

    The 17-ton, 20-metre-tall Agni IV was launched at Abdul Kalam Island from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) around noon local time on Monday.

    Not long before testing the Agni-IV, India successfully test-fired the Agni-V, which can can reach Europe and parts of northern China with a range of over 5,000 km.


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      Seems to me this ongoing runaround between China--India--Pakistan must cease if the SCO and China's OBOR project are to ultimately succeed, with the SCO being the ideal venue for ending this decades old death dance.
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      China never shouts, but is extremely sensible to each others intenctions...
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      Hafez Alawi
      China-Russia-Pakistan-DPRK-Kazakh-Belarus.... The true power of eurasia.

      Indians still have attiude of a colony, of UK and USA imperialists.
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      this is getting interesting.
    • Amin von Elysion
      india exceptionalism should stop since india doesnt do itself a favor in becoming the bully of the neighborhood all it die with this is creating trouble for itself in the future and america is already on decline and when americans are not there anymore because of their own huge domstic problems it will be a very hard time for india and dont expect anyone to forget the indian behavior so easily and by the way iran is with china and many people think that india and iran are close but that is not really the case iran has much more reasons to be with china and pakistan on many issues than it has reasons to even notice india at all
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      China is rattled.good job india.well if china wants to to give icbms to pakistan ..then india will pass it to vietnam .japan s.korea..and about sco n brics
      .its not benefiting china only.so china can keep that..n well evryone knows china supplied nukes to pakistan and n.korea.n about un laws..it itself refuse to listen international judgement on scs..well then usa israel india japan australia are more than enough to play wid stupid china
    • FeEisi
      India has Russia. Russia in the past has thwarted Chinese aggression under the USSR.
    • avatar
      Shut-up you f-ing Paki @Hafez Alawi. Pakistan is the true power of Eurasia? Good joke. You are not even fit to be called a country-just a waste piece of land. You have lost multiple wars against India and still have the cheek to associate yourself with superpowers. US killing you pakis with drones everyday and you could not do anything about it. You pathetic cowards. You are only fit for low class terrorists whom are being hated by every civilised person on this planet. You think China could anything? They and their low class inferior weapons. Firstly, make sure they could work. If required India will let US to install US defence system in India like South Korea. Look at China like Russia it is being surrounded by American allies and American forces. Maybe Russia could twart NATO Aggression not the same for China. The time has come for China to be reduced 1/100 of the world population by American nukes to curb their arrogance. It is not India is on the loosing site. It is China and China clearly knows it. Take a look at the South China see, They could not do anything to the US warships. If China need to survive, they require Russia's help but Under Putin, it is very doubtful that the Chinese will get such help. They most Chinese can do is to use their Kungfu but then again the skill was brought by Bodi Dharma from India. Let China give nukes to Pakistan. You think the Pakis or muslims for matter of fact have the brain to use? All the muslims are capable of creating small time terrorist acts and die in the act eventually. Talk about your capabilities look at the 400 million Arabs around 3 million Jews in Isreal. What could you all do? Palestinians are being killed everyday and the Arabs countries could only stand around and see. In this case, you require bravery to fight but that is not available in you people.
    • American Socialist
      i am so shocked Buddhism originated from India..
      because Indians today.. DO NOT understand humility.
      Indians have undeserved exceptionalism, LOL.
      nevermind ICBMs, they barely have enough toilets!
      and stop raping! i understand exceptionalism, but sex should be consensual, not taken.
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      An piece of advice for china..stand up alone and fight. Dont play pakistan card against india.talk straight to straight
    • city-zen
      It is an equilibrium game, watching for political balance!
      Post-colonial India would better integrate in this project!!!
      Also Vietnam and Afganistan.
      Indian success to become a really souvereign country depends on this SCO seed!
    • avatar
      Hmm, Trump says the Chinese are impetuous and dangerous.....Well now, sounds just about right.
      Are these the same Chinese that snatched up our drone and said to the Obama Admin, we'll give it back when we give it back? And is it the same group that during an official diplomatic visit, this is a good one, told the entire White House contingent to get off the back of Air Force One?
      Seems as if they're chalk full of respect for our present president.....
      Why do I get the feeling that Trump won't be trampled on quite so quietly?
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      K.Tin reply tocity-zen(Show commentHide comment)
      city-zen, India doesn't give a shit to SCO and BRICS..if china is not sensitive to its members countries need ..so its not possible to get full support.china cant force india.
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      harryin reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist, that means you are not just a fool but also have pathetic grasp of Buddhism. Buddha knew thathat best way of stopping war was to ensure warring Kings of the time had power parity. Clearly you are too dull to understand this.
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      harryin reply toAmin von Elysion(Show commentHide comment)
      Amin von Elysion or whoever! So Chinese can place nukes in occupied Tibet and target India but India has no right to defend?
    • VPin reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist,
      Humility is not in accepting defeat all the time. New generation is more assertive. BTW don't lecture on toilets and rapes. We have poor people who can't afford toilets and corrupt system who allows rapists to go free - we know that. You instead should learn not to shoot civillians, not to drone weddings and hospitals and cut down on friends like Saudis. May be they you can lecture us.
    • city-zenin reply toK.T(Show commentHide comment)
      no need to force.
      better just wait.
    • avatar
      K.Tin reply tocity-zen(Show commentHide comment)
      city-zen, yes India is waiting ..so the world..No one can force india ..as india is not sri lanka or pakistan that can dance on china tune
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