03:09 GMT27 January 2020
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    In the wake of an election that felt like the 9/11 of politics, Democrats have fallen prey to groupthink.

    A full 50 percent of blue-blooded Democrats now believe, according to polls, that ‘Russian hacking’ not only occurred during the most recent election cycle, but also materially altered the election outcome by disrupting the normal operations of election machines.

    Despite the fact that President Obama, every US intelligence agency and Hillary Clinton’s closest surrogates acknowledged that the Russians never tried to ‘hack’ voting systems, it doesn’t matter to half of the Democrats. They are still sure it was the Russians not the American people, who elected Donald Trump by tampering computer networks. Blatant scapegoating and mass hysteria over Russia has evolved into the new norm. Instead of assuming full-scale responsibility for Hillary Clinton’s $1.2-billion failure to achieve the Oval Office, Democrats seem unable to do much of anything besides blame Trump’s ascension to power on anyone but themselves.

    So far, Russia, James Comey, the FBI, Bernie Bros, skewed media coverage, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and basically any other information disseminator that may have participated in negative coverage of Clinton have been dumped into a basket of unredeemable sinners, perhaps even 'deplorables.' And that’s just in the two months following Clinton’s epically-expensive defeat.

    "Anyone who thinks that’s what happened," journalist and lawyer Glenn Greenwald wrote following Trump’s unexpected victory, "can be blamed on any of that is drowning in self-protective ignorance so deep that it’s impossible to express in words."

    Democrats have now upped the ante by shamelessly using the word ‘Russia’ in headlines to score political points. Unsurprisingly, the world will surely not be fooled that accusations of ‘Russian hacking’ materially altered election outcomes — given the myriad factors contributing to Clinton’s loss. Instead, world citizens are likely to see scapegoating and groupthink as baseless ways for Democrats to save their party’s image. The level of foresight Democrats lack is nothing short of astonishing as the blame game only makes the party look weaker. Anything short of a long look in the mirror will constitute, for Democrats, a party in disarray. 

    The most recent scandal in reporting, the Washington Post’s fake news story that Russia penetrated the electric grid in Vermont, is, as Greenwald wrote, “a byproduct of of the Anything Goes mentality that now shapes the mainstream discussion of Russia, Putin, and the Grave Threat to All Things Decent in America they pose.” 

    'Crowdism,' or an individual’s reluctance to question dominant narratives, has reached a level of hypocrisy bordering on the absurd. Democrats now quick to blame Russia for losing, never skipped a breath to categorically denounce conservatives who joined groupthink dogma insinuating that President Barack Obama was Muslim, Kenyan-born, or a communist. 

    It’s like watching a coach whose team just lost the NBA finals put the blame on the refs. If you needed refs to win the game, your team almost assuredly deserved to lose.


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