01:55 GMT +327 March 2017
    Members of the media document workers on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016, as construction continues on the Inaugural platform in preparation for the Inauguration and swearing-in ceremonies for President-elect Donald Trump

    Unprecedented Security Measures Planned for Trump’s Swearing-in Ceremony

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    According to media reports, a security planning committee has its hands full preparing for Donald Trump’s swearing-in that is expected to be held in Washington amid massive protests.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) A security planning committee has its hands full preparing for Donald Trump’s swearing-in that is expected to be held in Washington amid massive protests, local media reported citing sources.

    "What the intelligence community says publicly is what they say privately, and that is more threats from more directions than ever before," Roy Blunt, the chair of the congressional committee, told The New York Times on Tuesday.

    The newspaper said two to three million of Donald Trump’s supporters are expected to turn up for the solemn ceremony at the Capitol. Washington authorities in charge of public lands have already received 23 requests to hold events both for and against the president.

    Over 3,000 police officers and some 8,000 National Guards will handle crowds and control the traffic in the US capital during the event, with further 5,000 military personnel on active duty to be deployed for ceremonial capacities, the outlet said.

    The newspaper estimates that over three dozen law enforcement, intelligence and military agencies will be tasked with providing security to the president as well as thousands of dignitaries at the event. The measures are estimated to cost the nation more than $100 million.

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      Darrell R
      It's time to stand strong with our new president and hope for a positive and new direction.
    • Zoanthropy
      Wishing Mr Trump a wonderful and enjoyable day on January 20th.
      May the next 4 years in the W.H place the US on a better course.
    • avatar
      Remember those who masterminded and were responsible for the assassination are all still mostly alive and they will stop at nothing to bring in the failing NWO agenda. So now they are particularly dangerous. Trump should not be allowed to go into the public sphere under any circumstances and should be sworn in behind maximum security within the Oval Office and have it televised to the world. The dogs of chaos are now fully rabid, highly desperate, wounded and at the most lethal in history because once Trump is sworn in they know their days are numbered.
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      Eudoxiain reply toEudoxia(Show commentHide comment)
      **Eudoxia, the assassination of JFK
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      The CIA is probably jumping with joy !!! They couldn't ask for a better scenario; they are probably thinking that this is going to be even better than Nov 22, 1963
    • avatar
      100 million for ensuring that a lawfully elected president can be sworn in without being assassinated on the spot? This is fantasy money, and shows the state of the American fantasy democracy. I do hope he survives and can take office, in order to clean out the neocon terrorists that have compromised the state of the world to such a perilous degree. Things can only get better, now that Hillary bounced.
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      Eudoxiain reply toMatthew_21(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthew_21, She regurgitated herself. You can't spend that much time plotting, committing acts of gross incomprehensible murder of millions without finally somebody waking up and it looks like America did. Now she's finding her own bitter pill a bit hard to swallow. Well SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP you reap what you sow! HILLARY FOR HANGING.
    • avatar
      double bonus
      The US Media is mostly responsible for creating the security concerns.
      Perhaps they should be the ones to pay for it? Nice boom in low-paying
      Security jobs, which add NOTHING to the economy, but a security tax!
    • avatar
      The Jewish/Zionist/Bankster cabal that controls amerika is seething mad that Trump won despite their best attempts to rig the election for their puppet--Hillary the Lesbian Psychopath. The cabal is afraid that The Donald will end their 18 yrs of wars-for-Israel and the MIComplex--and--worst of all--normalize good relations with the greatest statesman in the world--Vladimir Putin. That's why The Donald is providing HIS OWN security instead of the SS who helped eliminate JFK.
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