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    A CIA internal report from 2009 shows that the spy agency repeatedly overstated the value of intelligence gained through the torture of its detainees.

    'Beyond Satire': CIA Projects Its Election-Meddling Playbook Onto Russia

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    The CIA's claim that Russians hacked US political organizations to help Donald Trump win the US presidential election is "absolute nonsense"; in fact, the information was leaked by insiders disgusted by the corruption of the Clinton circle, former UK diplomat and whistleblower Craig Murray told Radio Sputnik.

    On Friday the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) leaked a "secret assessment" of the 2016 election campaign, in which the agency alleged that Russia had intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency.

    The CIA has not divulged any proof to back up its claim, nor has US law enforcement arrested anybody in connection with the allegations.

    Former UK diplomat Craig Murray, a close associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, told Radio Sputnik that the claim is a spurious attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the President-elect.

    "There is no connection. From the Wikileaks side there is no connection to Russia whatsoever. Nothing came to Wikileaks from the Russian government or from any proxy for the Russian government. It's simply completely and utterly untrue."

    "These weren't hacks, they were leaks by an insider, not somebody outside hacking in," Murray said.

    "It's very important that those points are very clearly understood. It wasn't Russia, it was an insider who was disgusted with the corruption of the Clinton circle. Why they refuse to accept it, I'm not sure. They appear to be in complete denial. The Democratic establishment was so sure that Hillary would get in, it seems they are simply unable to come up with a rational reaction to their loss and are instead coming up with this absolute nonsense."

    If the CIA really knew who was behind the leaks, or a hypothetical hack, they would have arrested or extradited the individuals responsible as they have in the past, Murray said.

    "If you think about it, if they really did know who the hackers are, if it was a hack, they would be taking action against these people."

     For example, anonymous sources have claimed that a reputed hacker who goes by the name Guccifer 2.0, based in London, was the source of the Democratic National Convention email leak that revealed the party's nomination process was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

    "He wasn't the source of the leak, he is said to be in London. If he was the source of the leak, and was in London then by now the Americans would have had him arrested and subject to an extradition warrant as they did to Gary McKinnon and numerous other British alleged hackers recently."

    "They plainly have no idea what's happening or they would be taking action against people. So the CIA is simply lying about knowing what's happening and knowing who the people are. They don't know, if they knew they would act."

    The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has declined to support the CIA's allegation that a hack took place. 

    "The FBI has rather more integrity. It's a domestic law enforcement agency and putting out total lies is not in the normal FBI playbook. I'm not saying it's never happened, but it's not normally how it operates whereas of course, lies and deceit are stock-in-trade for the CIA."

    "It is extremely amusing for the CIA to be accusing another country of interfering in domestic elections, when interfering in other country's domestic elections on scores of occasions is what the CIA has done to effect regime change for the last 70 years so really; this is almost beyond satire."


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    • Gary F.
      This all may become more realistic when putting on the background of globalist/localist struggle. Intelligence agencies as well are getting confused as the former borders and rules of engagement have been blurring away. While some are worried on finding out who did it, and suspiciously finding some smoking stuff, the cruel fact is that even the relevance of the representative democracy, and indeed the elections are getting challenged and already eroding fast.
    • avatar
      The Brits are getting worried about the CIA poking around. They won't find Russia but they might well find british intelligence. Wikileaks sure helped Trump and they are just that.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      No one with any intelligence is listening to what the CIA has to say about the hack statement. The American voters were just disgusted with the present administration. Trump always spoke about making the US a better place for everyone. So the people wanted the same thing Trump did. People were disgusted of Hillary and her corrupt connections. Including the Democratic Party. The American people knew it was time to get these snakes out of Washington once and for all. these morons in control and other lying agencies are trying to de- legitimize the election by lying about how Trump won. The only people who want to believe the election was hacked are those in denial of Hillary loosing because these sick bastards won't accept defeat.
    • avatar
      The CIA has become a organization where no one now's what is thru or not and this is a thru since many year's !!!
      There proof that Viet Nam has attacked the Usa Navy was a lie just like Hitler told that Poland attacked Germany. Germany and the Usa just like to have War!!! Millions of dead !!!
      Sadat was blamed he has Atomic bomb's. Until now there is no Proof at all !!! The showe in the Un (by now the Un is a crime organization for the Usa and there Vassals ) would get a Oscar in Holly Wood !!! Millions of dead !!!
      Obonga like to change the President in Syria and TERRORIST to change the government now he like to say there are freedom fighters !!! Millions of dead
      Now the CIA like to blame Russia there manipulate the voting in the Usa !!!!
      The Cia cant believe that there are people in the Usa witch have Honor !!!
      There could not believe that there people stopped to believe the Government
      and this all over the world !!!
      Yes it is thru Obonga has make a TERROR STATE of the Us !!!!!
    • avatar
      Trump fight back. Expose CIA fake news. How about their OBL assassination screenplay sold as news? OBL died years earlier of kidney problems. This was a PR stunt, a deadly PR stunt. An innocent old man (who didn't really look like OBL at all) was wasted, some of the raiders were killed in an accident at the attack site (if I recall), supposedly OBL's body was disposed at sea but with zero Navy witnesses, then a whole group of Seal Team 6 members were wasted in that helicopter crash to preserve the coverup of the engineered event.

      Their charge of 'fake news' is coming back to bite them, people who would never have questioned the news will now be trying to figure out what's fake and what's not. Call them out.

      Of course this would affect Obama also, he'd have to change his name to Obozo the Clown and become a hermit somewhere.
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