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    Fox News Host Destroys Democratic Lawmaker Over Russian Hacking Claims

    Fox News Host Destroys Democratic Lawmaker Over Russian Hacking Claims

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    On Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, Congressman Adam Schiff was absolutely humiliated over his Russian hysteria and repeated claims that the Kremlin had hacked the election.

    Democratic members of Congress have demanded in a letter that President Obama brief them on “Russian interference” in the election before leaving office, and Schiff was one of those who signed.

    To promote their cause, the California representative appeared on Fox News, and one of the most epic showdowns in the recent history of the network ensued. Carlson left the Democratic representative looking completely ridiculous, after the latter accused the host of being an “apologist for the Kremlin,” and telling him that he will need to “move his show to RT.”

    “The information was true, and voters got to see that, and it helped them assess how they wanted to vote. Why is that bad? Are you really arguing against more information for voters?” Carlson asked.

    “Are you really arguing in favor of a foreign adversarial party hacking into the American —” a stunned-looking Schiff began.

    Tucker then asserted that he was not arguing in favor of it, but that the information was placed into the public view — and thus voters had the right to see and assess it.

    Schiff then asserted that President-elect Donald Trump was the only beneficiary of “Russian meddling,” which was quickly shot down as “speculation” by Carlson. Schiff continued to assert that the intelligence community claimed that the Kremlin was behind the hacks.

    “Here’s the thing,” Carlson began, “I’ve lived here a long time, I remember vividly the ‘massive stockpiles of WMD’s in Iraq,’ which the intelligence community assured us were there, and they weren’t, so pardon my skepticism, I think it’s a patriotic position.”

    Schiff appeared to grow increasingly flustered and continued to push McCarthyist anti-Russian sentiment, which Carlson hilariously mocked.

    “I’m confused by what you are alleging,” Carlson interjected. “You’re saying that you believe the Russian government hacked into John Podesta’s emails and that the voters knew too much? Then you’re saying what, that they hacked voting machines? What are you saying?”

    Schiff then said that if the Russians had hacked into Carlson’s emails, that he would not seek to justify their release.

    “Are you arguing that voters should not have seen that information?” Carlson repeated several times.

    Eventually, Schiff admitted that in some cases the press should publish information that is illegally obtained, if it is of great public interest, but continued to claim that Russia was behind the hack and that the press are responsible for reporting where the information came from.

    Carlson asserted that Schiff does not know if Russia was behind the hacks. He then challenged the congressman to turn to the camera and specifically say that, “I know the government of Vladimir Putin hacked John Podesta’s emails.” The representative would not comply.

    “You’re carrying water for the Kremlin,” the clearly desperate representative said, now trying to deflect the conversation. “You’re going to have to move your show to RT — Russian Television.”

    The assertion drew big laughs from the host, who called his statement “so dumb.”

    “You know what — that is just so beneath your office, because it is so dumb, you’re being duplicitous,” Carlson laughed. “I’m asking you, did they hack Podesta’s emails and you can’t say it.”

    Carlson asked him, again, to look into the camera and say the Russian government hacked Podesta’s emails.

    “You can’t, and you know you can’t, and you’re hiding behind weasel-words,” Carlson said. “Say they hacked John Podesta’s emails.”

    The flustered Schiff then accused Carlson of ignoring that Russia is behind the hack because it benefitted the Republican candidate. He also accused the Fox host of being an “apologist” for the Kremlin.

    “I just think if you’re going to make a serious allegation about an actual country, which an actual government, you ought to know what you are talking about — and you don’t!” Carlson laughed.

    The heated, and highly entertaining, exchange ended with the host mocking the congressman by saying, "I need to take a call from Vladimir Putin…so I need to put you on hold for one second."


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    • avatar
      It is almost surreal listening to FOX news make sense on Russia.
    • choticastile
      Still laughing ... best laugh I've had for a long, long time!! Watch this space.... (he! he!) Fox is again going to become BIG in the USA! -- the most sought after and it will be broadcasting REAL news not the FAKE US liars puppet media news either... Hats off to you Tucker Carlson-- you handled the Congressman with top of the pops aplomb! Just watch your back for a while ... although I believe things are developing which make it clear that you're pretty well protected.... Jeez, I'm still chuckling .... Have to download this video, for sure!
    • Zoanthropy
      It wasn't Russian hacking, it was homegrown US hackers, whom have followed in the footsteps of Snowden, Jonathan James, Kevin Mitnick, Gary McKinnon, John McAfee, David L. Smith
      Normal US citizens who are patriots and wanted to save their Country from the continued clutches of the DNC and the massive downward spiral so evident of the Obama years.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Schiff is a political Hack , he is one of the puppets programmed to blame Russia for everything but getting his own wife pregnant and I bet he would blame Putin for that as well. These are the fools up in Washington. The stupidity never ends.
    • Anton KOMAROV
      The truth eventually comes out.These so called Democrats are anything but given the lies,manipulation and deceit they have openly practiced on the world(regime change from Libya,Iraq etc)and the fact that they are too stupid to understand the game is over.Time for them to reassess and develop a new warped strategy!
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    • avatar
      WHAT A VIDEO!! Oh my, Oh my. EXCELLENT. Another one in orange suit soon enough. Thank you Sputnik; I had not seen this one. EXCELLENT.
    • avatar
      Remember when the democrats held capitol hill basement meetings to get the truth out of Bush about the absence of WMDs in Iraq and the lies that were told? What happened? Where are those democrats? They have been replaced by these lying creatures.
    • avatar
      Erik Trete
      There are 2 points that just don't get raised by any media including RT and Sputnik.

      1. When a bank gets hacked, the bank is responsible for any resulting loses by its customers. Likewise, why is it that the IT staffs of both the DNC and Clinton campaign have not been publicly chastised for not properly maintaining a secure computer system? These are the primary guilty individuals for this hack. If the computer system was properly maintained it would not have been hacked in the first place.

      2 Why is it only the Russians that are being held responsible for the hacks? Given ALL the harm that Clinton has done, there are millions of people who more than hate her, that despise her from Bernie Sanders supporters to the Syrian Electronic Army to all the Europeans that blame her for the wave of refugees flowing over Europe, not a few Libyans, many South Americans, anti-globalists, those against TTIP, TPP....Many of these people have all the skills, motivation and opportunity to carry out such a hack. Why are not any of these groups even considered?
    • avatar
      Tucker hit the nail on the head. The Congressman seemed to have lost his head. Tucker has become the new "Fair and Balanced" great. My new favorite
    • avatar
      Democrats liberal retards.
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