21:18 GMT +323 March 2017
    US President Barack Obama waves to the crowd after delivering a speech at the Niarchos foundation in Athens on November 16, 2016 at the end of his official visit in Greece

    Оbama Admits US Had a Hand in Birth of Daesh and Gives Advice to Trump

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    Outgoing US President Barack Obama has acknowledged his country’s role in the emergence of Daesh, echoing opinions earlier voiced by Syrian President Bashar Assad and even by his successor in the White House, Donald Trump.

    “In shaping our response [to Daesh], we refused to repeat some of the mistakes of the 2003 invasion [of Iraq] that have helped to give rise to the organization that became ISIL in the first place,” Obama said during a major speech on the fight against terrorism at MacDill Air Force base in Florida on Tuesday.

    He added that, instead of  going it alone against the terrorist group, the United States focused on supporting local forces in Iraq and eventually built an international coalition of nearly 70 nations, including some of Iraq’s neighbors.

    “And then we took the fight to ISIL in both Iraq and Syria, not with American battalions but with local forces backed by our equipment and our advisors and, importantly, our Special Forces. In that campaign, we have now hit ISIL with over 16,000 airstrikes,” Obama stated.

    “And today, the results are clear: ISIL has lost more than half its territory. ISIL has lost control of major population centers. Its morale is plummeting <…> and local populations are turning against it,” he added.

    Barack Obama said that even though the terrorists claim to fight on behalf of Islam, the ongoing fight against the scourge of terrorism should not be viewed as a fight against one specific religion.

    “If we act like this is a war between the United States and Islam, we’re not just going to lose more Americans to terrorist attacks, but we’ll also lose sight of the very principles we claim to defend,” Obama noted in an obvious nod to President-elect Trump who will be taking office in January.

    During his presidential campaign Donald Trump consistently criticized Muslims and pledged to ban them from entering the US. This has led to a notable spike in the number of xenophobic attacks across the country.

    Trump had repeatedly accused Barack Obama of having had a hand in the emergence of Daesh.

    “In many respects, you know, they honor President Obama,” Mr. Trump told a rowdy crowd of supporters while on the stump in  Florida in August. 

    “He’s the founder of ISIS. I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton,” he added.

    Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton fired back calling Trump one of the “best recruiters” for Daesh after the Republican hopeful proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

    In an October 2016 interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda Syrian President Bashar Assad said that “Daesh was created in Iraq under the watchful eye of the US” and that “Americans have directly and indirectly assisted in creating Daesh.”

    In November 2014 Russian journalist-turned-MP Alexei Pushkov blamed the US for complicity in creating Daesh.

    “The Islamic State [Daesh] didn’t emerge all by itself, it is the result of a consistent effort by a number of US-allied Gulf monarchies and of the United States itself which, hell-bent on ousting Bashar Assad, was dishing out money to just about everyone,” Pushkov said.


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      Trump would be well served NOT to listen to anything LIAR OBAMA had to say, all you need is look at every mess going on in the world and you find O-Dumb Dumb front and center of the mess....there is a fine line between Incompetence and Stupidity and O-Dumb Dumb crossed that line the day he ran for president!
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      You heard about the frog that wanted to go to Florida for the winter, didn't you? He kept, wishfully, watching as the same geese flew down there. After several moments of wishing, he got an idea; he would hitch a ride by these same geese. So he talked two of them into holding the same piece of string in either of their mouths. In the middle of it, he would just clamp his frog jaws on it. Flying past a crowd who marveled at this sight, one of them spoke out, "I wonder who was the clever one to think of that?" The frog, being ever so pleased with himself, opened his mouth to say "I did!" He never made it to Florida, or anywhere else for that matter. Enough said, right, about Obama's admission of guilt...?
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      Michael Hillin reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Dar..., history is written by the victors. So far, that's the US and its allies. History smells like roses for them.
    • Igor R
      Ebola should change his middle name to Daesh.
    • avatar
      Michael Hill
      As a non-US person, I was amazed and excited for the world when Obama became president. His speeches gave a message of hope after the Bush years.
      Now, I can hardly wait till I never see or hear from this lying, manipulative, con-artist again.
      We just have to wait an see if the next one is the same when the excitement dies down.
    • Igor Rin reply toMichael Hill(Show commentHide comment)
      Michael Hill, at least what we see now is that current US establishment is fighting tooth and nail against Trump.
    • Dar...in reply toMichael Hill(Show commentHide comment)
      Michael Hill, True, but the world has a habit of turning.

      I'm sure the British thought they'd be writing Ireland and India's history for them to the end of time. It didn't quite work out that way though.

      All empires collapse.
    • avatar
      Look at how ill at heart he looks. Destined to go down in history as Assange's murderer, he can no longer keep up the appearance. No longer: “False face must hide what the false heart doth know” (MacBeth).

      “What's done cannot be undone,” eh, Obama?
    • avatar
      Michael Hillin reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Dar..., I hear you. When I was growing up though (in my 60s now), I had no idea that Russia was on our side and was instrumental in winning WW2. It wasn't in any history I read. No war movies mentioned Russia as an ally. Maybe they did and I didn't catch it. Completely brainwashed until 911.
      Seems that historians add or delete what suits.
    • avatar
      Michael Hillin reply toIgor R(Show commentHide comment)
      That's a hopeful sign Igor
    • avatar
      Michael Hill
      Lots of thumbs down for nearly all comments here ....
    • Dar...in reply toMichael Hill(Show commentHide comment)
      Michael Hill, Education in the West only begins you leave school and reject the status quo.

      Historical accuracy is only accessible to future generations if the present is observed through unbiased eyes and recorded truthfully. The truth is always guaranteed a receptive audience though. It resonates louder than lies.

      That's why true statesmen like Putin are always stressing the importance of guarding against historical revisionism.
    • Dar...in reply toMichael Hill(Show commentHide comment)
      Michael Hill, Trolls run through from time to time. Pay no head.
    • avatar
      Michael Hillin reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Dar..., hahaha .... the visuals of that ...
    • avatar
      Michael Hillin reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Yes, as I said, early 50s before the 'truth' of things started resonating, for me.
      So, back to your original comment, I doubt those particular kids you mentioned will never be faced with the truth of things.
      I wonder how they would respond to them if they were.
    • Dar...
      Some bullets can't be dodged.

      Russia and the Syrian Government aren't just winning the war in Syria, they're comprehensively winning it. They will overrun Daesh and just imagine how much Intel they'll uncover. Same with Iran Guards in Iraq.

      America and its' allies bloodstained fingerprints are all over that Intel. Unlike other era's though this one is digital.

      Future USA/EU generations will have no choice other than to know what war crimes their elites have been guilty of.
    • Zoanthropy
      Satan is leaving the White House!
    • Jonathan Ferguson
      Mission creep or creep on a mission? (To get lots of speaker fees post-Presidency?)
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply toMichael Hill(Show commentHide comment)
      Michael Hill, He would have made a great children's entertainer, say a pantomime dame or something like that; not much cop as a national leader though. Maybe he can become the back arse of a pantomime horse with William Hague doing the braying up front.
    • avatar
      So at the end of his terror regime Obama make say by himself he created the terror "DAESH" where is the out cry in the World to put him to court in "den Haag" for murder and war crime !!!!
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