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    In this Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015 photo, Afghan Taliban fighters listen to Mullah Mohammed Rasool, unseen, the newly-elected leader of a breakaway faction of the Taliban, in Farah province, Afghanistan

    Obama Admits US Cannot Defeat Taliban, End Violence in Afghanistan

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    US President Barack Obama admitted the United States could not wipe out the Taliban militant group in Afghanistan, but could help it end years of instability by supporting the government in Kabul, in an address on Tuesday.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Despite US efforts, the situation inthe war-plagued country remains unstable, the president said.

    "I don’t want to paint too rosy a picture. The situation in Afghanistan is still tough. War has been a part of life in Afghanistan for over 30 years. The US cannot eliminate the Taliban or end violence in that country," Obama said before US soldiers at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida.

    "But what we can do is deny al-Qaeda a safe haven and what we can do is support the Afghans who want a better future, which is why we have not only worked with our military but we backed a unity government in Kabul," he added.

    Afghanistan is in a state of political and social turmoil, with Taliban insurgents and other extremist factions, such as the Islamic State, operating in the country. The United States has been carrying out a counter-terrorist operation in Afghanistan since 2001.


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      How could we Americans win over the Taliban when we lost to the Vietnamese! The Vietnamese were daring and strong fighters, but the Taliban are many times more deadly than the Vietnamese. They are slow but suicidal, and religious fanatics that hard to predict.
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      I disagree that they shouldnt pull out. After all, while there body bags keep piling up, there military grinding away to dust and the 20 trillion detp keeps ticking up, I am almost confident to think that they would one day, maybe win the battle, but not the war!!! LOL Must be something proud of being in office for eight years and STILL they are counting body bags!!!
    • C Han
      Why would the US want to defeat the Taliban?
      Fact: CIA trained them and trained them very well... providing good equipment.

      Also Al-Quaeda was recently used by the US government to destabilize Syria, defeat Gaddafi and try to destabilize Egypt.

      This shows there is a lack of determination and motivation to defeat this precious shadow army that is working indirectly for the US CIA under the control of the US President.
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