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    Connecticut Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Sandy Hook Families’ Gun Appeal

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    Connecticut’s top court has agreed to hear a direct appeal by families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, whose collective lawsuit against gun manufacturers and retailers was dismissed in October.

    The Connecticut Supreme Court will hear a direct appeal by the families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting atrocity, who are seeking to recover damages at the expense of Remington Outdoor Co, the maker of the Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle used by the shooter. An earlier lawsuit filed by the families was dismissed in October.

    "This case raises critical questions about reasonableness and accountability" in the sale of assault rifles, Katie Mesner-Hage, a lawyer for the families, said in a statement.

    According to the lawsuit, the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, which has been publicly available for purchase use since 1965, should not be marketed to civilians, as it is a "military-style" weapon. The US military uses the fully-automatic version of the rifle, known around the world as the M-16.

    Generally, civilians in the US are allowed to buy semi-automatic rifles only. While it is technically possible to buy a fully-automatic assault rifle or machine gun, it is highly complicated and even banned in some states.

    Gun manufacturers in the US enjoy legal protection from lawsuits by victims and their families resulting from the misuse of their products through the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).

    The Sandy Hook families, however, insist that the gunmaker used aggressive marketing tactics to promote its Bushmaster variant of the rifle, referring to a state law known as Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.

    The shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School at Newtown, Connecticut, saw 20 children and six members of staff shot and killed using the military-style gun. The shooter, who killed his mother just prior to the school attack, committed suicide when he heard the police sirens.

    Stricter gun control was one of the key platforms to former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign. President-elect Donald Trump, however, believes that gun ownership saves lives and can prevent casualties. Trump believes that the problem lies not with the easy availability of high-power weapons, but in the mental illness of the shooters, which should be addressed with targeted mental health care.


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    • Adrienne Adonis
      Sandy hook ..... What a crock. ! Why don't we start with David Wheeler who you can see on you tube playing the part of an FBI agent. Meanwhile David wheeler is an actor in real life. Then let's see one of the parents Robbie Parker who was caught laughing before the cameras came onto talk about the death of his child. When the camera was finally on him he all of a sudden went from laughing around to taking a deep breath and making a real sad face in front of the camera. What a fraudster Robbie Parker is. Check it all out on you tube. So suing the gun manufacturer is all a facade.
    • avatar
      So, where are the bodies? Where's the blood? Another false flag operation to get guns out of the hands of patriots.
    • avatar
      This gun has been used in questionable shootings lately like 11 times? Does that not seem weird as AKs are almost as common here? Why always this gun? Although the gun shown in the Dallas police shooting an AR wasnt really a AR that was pictured but a saiga 5.45? But unfair marketing tactics get real!!! The gun sells itself not like a gun shop owner threatens people buy one or else . Anyone in the gun community smells a fish. High power yes but compared to an old ww2 rifle or deer rifle no its more of a medium power rifle. People are out to brand this a gun of evil but has as much purpose as an other gun out there.When things look bad no gun to the head but as said these guns fly off the racks like ww3 just broke out. There are probably atleast 20+ million of these guns . Now they are the #1 gun being sold as they are the perfect gun in unsure times. They sell themselves no marketing tactics needed but to put them on the rack as people snatch them up.Aks were very popular when a case of shells were $79 but now at $250 a case no much less than shoot than this gun. People in Connecticut were to register their assault rifles oh I mean personal defense tools 85% went unregistered NY state over 90% went unregistered. Ban these see how many fall for it as we elected Trump hoping these false flag attacks will stop. We are tired of being targeted for owning guns don't like it don't buy one and please make a sign for you front yard advertising a gun free zone. As when offered signed no antigun people would take a unarmed sign for their yard, huh wonder why.Maybe if some people hate guns so much Trump will make it a law if you don't want guns on your property you must post it in clear sight. That way the thugs will obey your wishes and head on to an armed home to invade and rob.
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      Darrell R
      With every new shooting the both demand for more gun laws and the demand for more guns goes up, sparking heated debate.

      Gun laws do have to adjust to the times, but when things get publicized, quick and oftentimes short sighted decisions are made. The press starts coming up with examples and labels for things and goes after them. Today's big label is fake news, in this case the label is military style. It is tragic when any weapon is used on a crowd of innocent people but there are plenty of equally lethal and more easily concealed pistols being used. In fact the vast majority of gun crimes are committed with them, not long guns.

      Politicians will tell you gun manufacturers have special protection that makes it impossible to sue them, but those protections aren't really that unique. You can't sue a gun manufacturer for someone's misuse, you can't sue an automobile manufacturer for that either. You can sue both manufacturers for defects in their products though. You can sue manufacturers of different products for mismarketing products but I have never heard of that leading to a ban of the product, just how they market it.

      With problems like this you have to consider everything surrounding it. Sometimes the root of the problem isn't even known or understood. When I was a kid going to school, mass shootings were the last thing on anyone's mind when we were there, yet at that time you could legally buy a new automatic weapon without much hassle and there was nothing to prevent someone coming out of prison form going straight to the local Sears store and purchasing a weapon. Clearly there is more to this problem than just the guns themselves to be addressed.
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