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    White Lives Matter Protest, Austin, Texas

    White Lives Matter Crashes Black History Ceremony in Texas, Chaos Erupts (VIDEO)

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    A weekend “White Lives Matter” protest at a presentation of a monument honoring African Americans in Austin, Texas, ended with eight arrests.

    The Texas African American History Memorial was placed on the grounds on the State Capitol near other monuments which honor Confederate soldiers who served during the Civil War on Saturday morning.

    “Today we come together to proudly honor the African-Americans who helped to grow Texas from the bounty of the land, from the sweat of their toil and from the passion of their dreams,” Governor Greg Abbott said during the unveiling. “We are reminded that our work is not yet done. If we are to truly elevate Texas to its limitless potential we must continue to expand liberty and opportunity for all.”

    As the monument was being unveiled however, a small group of some two-dozen White Lives Matter protesters, some of whom were open-carrying weapons, were met by a much larger crowd of Black Lives Matter supporters who came to counter protest.

    The unveiling was not interrupted by either protest group as it was in another area of the grounds. The WLM protesters claimed that it was a coincidence that the protest occurred at the same time as the monument reveal ceremony, and that it “was not what they were protesting.”

    The group stated that they were there to protest against hate crime laws, which they claim give people of color extra rights. They held signs saying “hate crimes for one, hate crimes for all, equal justice under the law,” and “all crimes are hate crimes, stop hate crime laws.”

    “Interracial crimes are committed the vast majority of time against whites, however, the vast majority of hate crime charges are towards whites,” WLM protester Scott Lacy told the Daily Texan. “The fact is, a crime is hateful period.”

    The small group was quickly drowned out by counter protesters chanting “black lives matter,” and, “say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here.” Many were holding signs which said “stand against hate.”

    "You all are anti-white and anti-American," protest organizer Ken Reed said into a bullhorn as he called for the “preservation of white people.” He was met by a chant of “Nazis go home.”

    The groups were originally separated by large barriers and also by State Troopers on horseback, but the two crowds intermingled as they dispersed.

    “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA,” the crowd of counter-protesters chanted.

    The tense situation escalated as four people were arrested for assault, two for evading arrest, one for disorderly conduct, and another for “interference with public duty,” though it remains unclear which side the arrestees were from. All charges stemming from the event are misdemeanors.

    “Some protesters assaulted other protesters,” Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Sgt. Victor Taylor said in a statement to reporters. “We don’t know for sure which side they were on. A lot of them were co-mingled.”


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    • abcdstrategy
      Charlotte Riots: What They're NOT Telling You

      Black Lives Matter: CIVIL WAR

      Some very interesting stats, worldwide:
      Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the "DINDU"
    • avatar
      Racism will always exist in the US, unless once race overtakes another by war or demographically.
    • avatar
      White Lives Matter = Soros paid thugs.
    • avatar
      mario828282in reply toedover3(Show commentHide comment)
      edover3, The unprovoked racism is negligible. The neocons (Obomba included) antagonize every population: in the US race against race, in the muslim world sunni against shia, inside Ukraine Ukrainians against Russians and so on. Nowhere is peace and harmony to be found where the neocons get their way. It is divide and conquer. The usual stuff is uniting and provoking every minority against the largest group. In the US is everybody against the blanks, in the former Yugoslavia it was everybody against the Serbs. This is how nations are destroyed. Patriotism and national identity form their biggest obstacle in their quest for full spectrum dominance.
    • avatar
      Marques rougesin reply tomario828282(Show commentHide comment)
      mario828282, Notice it's only goys against goys ?

      Pro minority/pro immigration are often anti-white : www.yahoo.com/news/m/d8332983-ad23-3663-8d65-6bc3b6a3d23c/ss_top-de-blasio-aide-posts.html Top de Blasio Aide Posts Photo of Vulgar, Racist Sign
    • avatar
      mario828282in reply toMarques rouges(Show commentHide comment)
      Marques rouges, not really.
    • avatar
      deshepherdisherein reply tomario828282(Show commentHide comment)
      mario828282, That is certainly the most ridiculous comment I have read in many years. It doesn't warrant a rebuttal as RT readers are savvy enough to recognise tripe. Mario, you're like a fish out of water; try googling CNN
    • Adrienne Adonisin reply tomario828282(Show commentHide comment)
      mario828282, the only paid thugs are the liberal losers that Soros funds.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      I say split the country in half. Let BLM supporters stay on one side and figure out how they will support themselves and let WLM supporters stay on the other half of the country and let those groups of people support themselves. At the end of the day I would love to see who comes out financially ahead and who ends up bankrupt ........
    • avatar
      Some of those signs were extremely offensive.
    • sukhoi47
      Always the same, over and over...

      According to judaism religion, slaverism of non-jews is a right of every jew.

      Who enslaved blacks and smuggled to Latin America? Jews from Portugal and Spain.
      Who smuggled blacks to North America? Jews from Holland.
      why blacks do not complain on what jews did?

      Is that because the 'black lives matter' terrorist organization is funded by the jew George Soros? Are the blacks still "working" for jews?

      White people are Christians. Slaverism is not acceptable for Christians.
      And white people set blacks free, fighting against jews.

      But some blacks are not happy with that, and are turning to "work" for jews again...
    • avatar
      mario828282in reply todeshepherdishere(Show commentHide comment)
      deshepherdishere, research more, dig deeper.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Racism will always be in the US. Now it's escalating at levels not seen for decades. Best thing to happen is separate towns and cities. One side republicans can live together with no issues to deal with and the other side liberal socialist democrats can live together and no one crosses to the other side. I think that would be the perfect answer to this hatred towards each other.
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