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    Supporters Encouraging President-Elect Respect in Starbucks #TrumpCup Movement

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    Donald Trump supporters have launched a #TrumpCup movement, telling Starbucks baristas that their name is "Trump," following an incident between a Trump supporter in Florida and an employee of one of the cafes of the chain.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On Wednesday, David Sanguesa, a white Florida man, lashed out at a female African-American Starbucks barista allegedly because she refused to serve him his drink. A colleague who was with Sanguesa at the time of the incident suggested that the reason was that there was a Trump sign on Sanguesa’s vehicle.

    ​On Friday, Twitter user "Baked Alaska" encouraged Trump supporters to stand up against discrimination at Starbucks by telling the chain’s employees that their name is "Trump," which means that this will be the name appearing on the cup that the customer’s drink is served in.

    "Just for the record, this is not a ‘protest’ like most of the media is reporting … America loves Starbucks and we used you as an example as how we want to make America great again and show respect for our president and our country," Baked Alaska wrote in an open letter to Starbucks on Twitter.

    According to The Miami Herald, Sanguesa has a criminal history and was charged twice in 2008, while a 2014 domestic violence charge against him was dropped. A witness told The Washington Post that the man got angry at the Starbucks barista because he was simply impatient to get his drink.

    Following the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, protests have been staged in various US states and major cities against the president-elect. Trump got more electoral votes than his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, but she surpassed him in the popular vote.


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