17:17 GMT19 September 2020
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    2016 US Presidential Election (161)

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is warning voters to be wary of the mainstream media's tactics intended to mislead in order to ensure that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wins the US election, the Trump campaign said in an advisory note on Tuesday.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The advisory encourages supporters to take to blogs, vlogs, alt-media and Twitter to get the word out about the corporate mainstream media's dirty tactics.

    "On election night, expect these same old mainstream media tactics," the note stated. "When early counts show Hillary up, they will announce the state for her to get you to stay home and not vote, and when Trump is winning in a state will call it 'too close to call' in Hopes of motivating Hillary voters to the polls."

    Trump — but also numerous critics — have repeatedly claimed the mainstream media is colluding with the Clinton campaign to such an extent that both are practically conjoined.

    "You have seen from WikiLeaks how dirty, ignoble and dishonest these mainstream media bastards are," the advisory added. But with awareness you can neutralize this, spread the word."

    Leaked emails provided by WikiLeaks have revealed at least 38 mainstream media reporters and anchors working with the Clinton campaign without disclosing such ties as well as others employing misleading statements, fake polls and projections, and other forms of unprofessional behavior.

    The advisory was released by Team Trump Voter Assistance and Trump Ballot Security.

    2016 US Presidential Election (161)


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