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    Voters cast their election ballots inside a polling place Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, in Springfield, Ill.

    US Citizens Vote for New President With No Hesitation as Record Turnout Expected

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    US Presidential Election 2016: Voting Day and Results (82)
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    As record-high turnout is expected at US presidential election and one may see long lines outside the polling stations already in early morning hours, US nationals vote without hesitation and made up their mind long time in advance on who is to become the country's new leader.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — This year's fight for presidency between the two main candidates — Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican hopeful Donald Trump — has been the fiercest the country has seen so far.

    Highly polarized campaign could have made people hesitant of who to cast ballot for, but voters at Georgetown Community Library polling station in Washington DC turned out to be much more determined and enthusiastic than expected.

    "I never missed a single election in my life. This year, the election campaign was so horrible, that I just tried to stand up for the democratic process. I would have voted anyway. I formed my mind much time ago, from the very beginning. Or actually even three years ago!" Marilyn, 53, told Sputnik after she voted.

    She spent around an hour waiting in the queue at 7 am [12.00 GMT], which is "not so bad, it's quiet well-run inside."

    Elisabeth, 19, for whom it was the first election in life, also told Sputnik she made up her mind much time in advance.

    "It was an easy decision for me, I did not hesitate at all. I think it's very important to vote, to show respect to our country, its history, and to my rights as a citizen. Even if sometimes you already know the outcome of the election," she said.

    An international observer at the polling station from the Organization of American States also noted that the voting process runs smoothly and the logistics is impressive despite the lines.

    Even during the early voting, polling stations were crowded as well.

    "I voted with my wife and sister last week in College Park, Maryland at an elementary school gymnasium. It was packed with at least 500 people milling around high tables with cardboard separators for a semblance of privacy. It looked so chaotic that my first reaction was, 'Oh no, this will take forever!,'" Willis, in his 60s, shared.

    However, the place was full of poll workers, one for every three voters, who helped with all the formalities, he explained.

    "We were in the polling place for less than 15 minutes. Everything was far more informal than my past experiences voting on election day. 'Wow, that was really easy,' I thought," he said.

    Despite the general enthusiastic mood in the line, where some were wearing the Stars and Stripes hats and waving flags, there also were voters who felt frustrated with the whole campaign this year.

    "I am tired of politics and of this campaign, it makes people further divided. The divide in the American society is still very big, I feel it every day. And candidates in this campaign keep accusing each other, without caring what people really need. It's very annoying, I just want it all to be over," Yvonne, an African-American in her 40s, told Sputnik.

    The turnout at Tuesday's election is expected to be high, as record number of US citizens have voted in advance. Over 46 million people have cast their ballot by early voting, according to media reports, which surpasses the 2012 level.

    US Presidential Election 2016: Voting Day and Results (82)


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