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    US Presidential Election 2016: Voting Day and Results (82)

    The foreign policy advisor for the US Republican presidential candidate, who has recently suspended his involvement in the campaign, has filed a complaint to the OSCE over the violations of election norms by the team of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a letter seen by Sputnik reads.

    VIENNA/WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The letter by Carter Page, who is also the founder and a managing partner of Global Energy Capital LLC, is addressed to OSCE Chairman and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and head of the organization's Election Observation Mission Audrey Glover. Its receipt was confirmed to Sputink by an OSCE spokesperson.

    "The mission from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights [ODIHR] has received the email you reference," an OSCE/ODIHR spokesperson said.

    In his letter, Page cites multiple violations of the election norms and good practices by the "Hillary for America" campaign.

    Thus, in August Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid turned to FBI Director James Comey, asking for an investigation against Page over his alleged meetings with Russian high-ranking sanctioned individuals during his visit to Moscow in his personal capacity in July and sharing with them views critical of the US and EU anti-Russian sanctions. Page rejects the allegations and calls them a "clear instance of suppression of decent stands" and an "obvious attempt to silence" him.

    Secondly, Clinton campaign committed a discriminatory and ungrounded media report accusing the advisor of Kremlin ties, according to the letter citing Yahoo News publication as of September 23, which was "almost entirely attributable to 'Hillary for America' campaign." Page claims that some journalists later disclosed to him that story ideas were provided to them by Clinton's team.

    Thirdly, a law firm close to Clinton campaign has hired a London-based private agent to investigate Page's trip to Moscow in July, according to the letter. Page calls it "partisan manoeuvres" and says he has been "targeted for potential reprisal merely for vocalizing thoughts in a free academic forum."

    On July 7, the then advisor gave a lecture at the New Economic School in Moscow, attended by a Sputnik correspondent among many other foreign and national reporters. The speech focused purely on economic theory issues, Page stated repeatedly he was giving it in his personal capacity, and refused to answer any questions that could have even slightest relation to his campaign involvement or political views, to a great disappointment of all the journalists present there.

    The advisor, who had to suspend his campaign activities because of all the above-mentioned allegations, claims that "Hillary for America" has strong connections with US federal authorities, which makes such personal attacks go ahead unchallenged.

    Page suggests that "the ongoing series of personal vindictive attacks" aim at distracting public attention in the runup to the election, as they "came at virtually the same time as the contents of Clinton's personal email server were being publicized and scrutinized."

    The ODIHR spokesperson added that OSCE cannot make any assessment of the election course before they observe the entire process.

    ODIHR assesses the degree to which the voting meets the OSCE commitments and international standards of democratic elections. The Election Observation Mission will issue a report summarizing all their complaints soon after the election.

    US Presidential Election 2016: Voting Day and Results (82)


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