21:05 GMT03 August 2020
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    It's that time of day again when the Twittersphere goes a bit crazy for the latest installment of the Podesta emails, scandalizing Hillary Clinton and her staff after the email account of her 2016 campaign director, John Podesta, was hacked. So, what's Hillary done this time?

    Well, for one, she's apparently a massive "fake," according to one Twitter user who cites an email suggesting that Hillary Clinton should hold an end of summer party for the staff, "and she can say she's grateful for everyone's hard work for her."

    "And if some staff take pictures of her with a beer and letting loose to some music — that end up going viral and eventually on tv — so much the better."

    'Awful and Untrue'

    ​Secondly, Hillary's accused of being "awful, untrue, evasive and programed" after she made an appearance on US TV news channel CNN.

    "HRC's appearance on CNN was awful. She made statements that were untrue and appeared legalistic, evasive and programed. And gave the worst possible answer on the trust issue when there were multiple possible answers that were all better."

    CNN and Bedwetting

    The scathing email is from Brent Budowsky, political opinion writer and blogger, who launched a written attack on Dan Pfeiffer, Barack Obama's former senior adviser for strategy and communications, in an email to John Podesta.

    One of the 'Podesta Emails' released by Wikileaks
    © Photo : Wikileaks
    One of the 'Podesta Emails' released by Wikileaks

    "I like f, but I told him yesterday that his bedwetting nonsense was all wrong and not helpful to Hillary."

    'How Bad is Her Head?'

    The latest Podesta leaks also highlights John Podesta's concerns over Hillary Clinton's "head" — be it her physical or mental health — in an email to her director of communications, Jennifer Palmieri.

    One of the 'Podesta Emails' released by Wikileaks
    © Photo : Wikileaks
    One of the 'Podesta Emails' released by Wikileaks

    In another email exchange between John Podesta and Michael Vachon, adviser to the chair of Soros Fund Management, Vachon reveals details about the preoccupation of certain staff with Europe's migration crisis and Ukraine.

    "In general I think George is more interested in talking about policy than the campaign per se, though I can't image you won't spend some time on politics. In a separate email I will send you George' latest thinking on the migration crisis, which he is spending a lot of time on."

    One of the 'Podesta Emails' released by Wikileaks
    © Photo : Wikileaks
    One of the 'Podesta Emails' released by Wikileaks

    "His other big preoccupation these days is Ukraine. Both the migration crisis and Ukraine are part of his view of Europe as falling apart and the UK as ultimately not doing enough to prevent the political disintegration of its most important ally."

    As for US journalist John Harwood, who is chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC and contributor to the New York Times newspaper, John Podesta sought his opinion if he saw "any genuine change in possibility [US vice president] Biden might get into 2016 race?"

    One of the 'Podesta Emails' released by Wikileaks
    © Photo : Wikileaks
    One of the 'Podesta Emails' released by Wikileaks

    This latest tranche of hacked Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks is unlikely to be the last as the US gears up to vote in the forthcoming presidential election — and it won't be the last time Hillary Clinton is accused of running a smear campaign either.

    With the Podesta Files Part 17, another 3,432 emails have been released on the Internet bringing the total leaked so far to over 30,000. There's now just two weeks to go until US polls close and people cast their votes.


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