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    US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump debate during the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 9, 2016

    US Elections Being Routinely Rigged is an 'Ordinary American Thing'

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    United States presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he would refuse to accept the election outcome, if he loses during the third and final presidential debates. The 70-year-old mogul also added that the upcoming election is being rigged.

    Radio Sputnik discussed presidential elections in the United States with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Reagan Administration Official, economist and political thinker.

    "The theft of an election is just an ordinary American thing. And the American people are tired of it," Roberts told Sputnik. "And when the media are trying to say that this is against American values, what they saying is that American values are such that elections can be stolen without complaint."

    Earlier, Trump said that he "would accept a clear election result," but at the same time would "reserve his right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result."

    His rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton said Mr. Trump's refusal to accept the outcome was insulting to US democracy. The United States has a long-standing tradition, according to which the candidate who loses the election has conceded his defeat after the votes were counted.

    Roberts noted that there is "nothing unusual" about US elections being rigged, calling it "routine."

    "I think that Trump has for the first time introduced honesty into the fact that American political elections are routinely stolen. They steal them in many ways: they steal them with electronic voting machines that have no paper trail, can't be recounted and so the way the vote is recorded depends on who programs the machine. They steal them by intimidating minorities at polling places. They steal them by not providing enough polling places where they know the ‘wrong' people will vote…There are all kinds of ways," Roberts stated.

    The US presidential election is set for November 8, with the final presidential debate have taken place on Wednesday. Hillary Clinton was picked as the clear winner by most voters who watched it, a new poll revealed, while experts agreed that the last round of presidential debates was the most substantive and informative with the two candidates finally focusing on policy issues such as gun laws, abortion and other important issues.


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      Syria Forever
      Really...?? In the land of the free??
      Com'on. There are no free elections. Nowhere, or does anybody think the elites let us, us normal people just do what we want?? Of course not!
      Every election is rigged somehow. In the USofA it is extra bad, but in the rest of Europe not much better, to stay in the western world. Parliamentary Democracy they call it. It is joke! ;D
      The people elect a crime organization, called party, and those criminals do after, and before of course too, whatever they want. It's a kind of assisted living.
    • American Socialist
      - candidates are handpicked by Elites
      - it is literally a dog & pony show
      - voting is an illusion (created to keep the masses at bay)
      - they tell you who won via their Media
    • avatar
      Mr. Trump is not to win the election as he is already "framed" to lose and this seems to be done through distortions of some sort, so he has like tied arms. At least efforts are from the "black pimps" as well as the democratic criminals to hinder him in proceeding with his intentions.
      So watching and analysing the debates give good clues to the methods of the Clinton Klan of war criminals.
      Here in this video is one to be charged .... or how ......... is a responsible person representing a presidential nominee to claim and lie to the Americans about interference of other sovereign states in the American elections. And how has the journalistic expertise succeeded in asking for evidence for such serious statements? None whatsoever as the journalistic ethics and standard knowledge of qualifications is glowing in its absence.
      Think the lawyers will find an "issue of charge" on every responsible American, within the media and outside of media, who are doing everything to provocate for war with other countries.
      Well right, the virtual reality is more about what teeth persons have, instead what they have to say. That is the western standard for intelligence.
    • turex
      okay, american people what can you do with that then ?
    • avatar
      United States presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he would refuse to accept the election outcome, if he loses during the third and final presidential debates.
      I don't believe he said that at all and it's a hideous lie for Sputnik to claim that Trump did say that. Trump is clearly stating the the movement behind his popularity is systemic and rooted in the will of a large segment of the population. I would also agree that an outcome in Clinton's favor must be carefully scrutinized. Clinton has a life-long history of corruption and and obsession with getting what she wants and disregarding laws and ethics. Like it or not, she has that proven reputation. I think she may even be proud of it.

      I am so saddened by Sputnik's handling of this election coverage. From my contact with Sputnik staff, I have a personal liking and affection for some of the staff. But journalism is an important job function that can't just be twisted to one's personal liking. The truth is important and the people are to be voices of the truth.
    • avatar
      Rigging is cheating performed by criminals.
      Therefore USA is ordinarily a criminal state.
      Therefore the innocent American people had better arm themselves for a civil war against these criminals before they kill your family.
      Boy, is Roberts right.

      But critics are right about a lot of unpleasant things in America, and their voices are simply not heard in its tight little press oligopoly. Is America’s establishment right about Syria? About Libya? About NATO? About Russia? China? Being right in America today can be quite lonely.

      America invented marketing. It is one of its few truly original contributions to culture. And the arts of marketing are intensely at work in politics there, to the extent there is often almost no substance despite all the carefully-packaged words. The immediate period after an American election resembles the experience of a person who has purchased a new product which quickly proves to work nothing like the advertising promises which enticed its purchase.

      American elections closely resemble a marketing battle between two oligopolistic corporations, as between Coke and Pepsi or McDonald's and Burger King. There are only two parties and that situation is controlled through countless institutional and regulatory gimmicks put into place by the two parties themselves.

      America’s campaign financing system is a deliberate and effective method to discourage the birth or growth of any new parties. It is what economists call a barrier to entry into a market, the kind of thing which keeps non-political oligopolistic markets from becoming more competitive. The little ones are allowed to just struggle along on the margins for appearances.

      Most of the noise and intensity of American elections are just hollow noise, but it is the kind of stuff to which Americans are exposed in their economic life, day-in or day-out, so for ordinary people without the time to be well-informed, nothing could sound more normal.

      That is what is so different about Trump. Despite his flaws and tendency to be something of a bigmouth, on some really important matters, he is speaking truth and speaking it plainly. There is a kind of revolutionary quality in parts of his message. Of course, this in part reflects the fact that he has never before been a politician, only a successful, hard-nosed actor in the economic sphere.

      That is something new in American elections, and the establishment is rather shaken by it. Therefore, the American press has created and sustained an unparalleled campaign of highly biased and even vicious reporting and commentary.

      People abroad do not realize that about 90% of what Americans hear comes from just six big companies, none of whom, you may be sure, is interested in change and especially anything even slightly revolutionary. National broadcasting and national press have been so consolidated through years of massive mergers that there is no real alternative voice reaching most Americans.

      And those huge news corporations - intimate members of the establishment, always supporting the government of the day in its imperial wars and projects - have made a concerted effort to diminish and even demean Trump. Equally, they have universally praised and supported Clinton, despite a very dark record of unethical personal behavior and violent public acts.

      Even when we see fascinating revelations from leaks on the Internet, the national press manages largely to ignore them or to diminish them. They do not catch fire. The techniques of public relations and damage control – outgrowths of marketing principles and psychological manipulation techniques – are employed to suffocate any fires.

      We do see signs that the Internet is starting to have some real impact with the general population, and to the extent that is true, we also see the establishment working towards suppressing alternate and independent voices on the Internet by a variety of means.

      America uses an awkward expression, “controlling the narrative,” to describe what the establishment is quietly undertaking, always trying not to assume the open appearance of old Soviet-style suppression of information or the promotion of heavy-handed disinformation.

      In the longer term, I am not convinced they can succeed. The Internet is an almost uncontrollable force, that is unless you actually suppress and control aspects of the Internet itself, something recent remarks by Obama – a man who is a strict disciple of secrecy and inner-sanctum privilege – suggest in vague and politically-correct language, there may well be efforts underway towards that goal.

      This fact only adds to the importance of this election. If Trump loses, there can be no doubt, the secretive, manipulative, and ruthless Hillary Clinton will commission whatever efforts are required for information suppression. After all, a person ruthlessly pursuing war and secretive manipulation of world affairs can never be a friend to openness and truth, which are literally enemies of such goals.

      The entire business of terror and fighting terror offers a great deal of latitude this way, suppression in the name of fighting terror, the great irony, of course, for America being that it does not consistently fight terror, it frequently employs it as a tool of statecraft. We’ve seen that in my lifetime in everything from the long covert battle against Castro and the hideous, pointless war in Vietnam to the employment of jihadists in Afghanistan, Libya, or Syria.
    • avatar
      Yes in America when you die you still vote. But only for the democraps as this is American as baseball and apple pie.The dems are the most likely to steal votes with any method they can find.I'm going make sure my parents are taken off the voter list as they will not be voting democrap this year.But seems Hillary is getting special treatment and could be rigged in many ways.The dems used a blackpanther one year to scare voters.Maybe blm will try to run people off wouldn't be surprised. But let a thug come to my neighborhood and do that. I could see him getting a lesson for threatening violence as one did somewhere years ago.Could be someone in the neighborhood might charge him some rent for being there causing issues in a quiet area.Or teach him about being on the wrong turf.But yes it happens and most don't know that it did.
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