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    911 'Ain't Nobody Got Time for This' Operator Charged for Repeatedly Hanging Up

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    A former 911 operator in the United States is facing criminal charges over allegations that she hung up on callers because "she did not want to talk to anyone".

    43-year-old Crenshanda Williams faces two charges of Interference with Emergency Telephone Call, stemming from when she worked for the Houston Emergency Center in March.

    The charges carry a punishment of up to a year in jail and a US$4,000 fine for each conviction.

    Documents filed at Harris County Court, allege that Williams was involved in thousands of "short calls" between October 2015 and March 2016. These are emergency calls that last less than 20 seconds.

    According to police, when questioned over these calls, Williams said she would often hang up on callers "because she did not want to talk to anyone at that time."

    According to one man, Buster Pendley, Williams hung up on him after he called 911 when his wife collapsed and lost consciousness.

    "She was gasping and I could feel her heart beating out of her chest, but I couldn't get a pulse," he told KPRC.

    "The 911 operator answered the phone, and she said, 'This is Crenshanda, may I help you?' "

    Pendley claims that after he said his wife was passed out and needed an ambulance Williams said "OK" before duly hanging up. 

    Another incident was said to involve a security guard who called 911 to report two motorists street racing on the motorway.

    According to police, Williams hung up before the caller gave the location, saying:

    "Ain't nobody got time for this. For real."

    Meanwhile, one caller, Hua Li, reporting an armed robbery was disconnected before finishing his first sentence.

    By the time police eventually arrived a convenience store manager had been shot and killed.

    Williams, who no longer works for the Houston Emergency Center, is scheduled to appear in court before the end of October.


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