04:36 GMT02 December 2020
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    President Barack Obama told protestors claiming that Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill is a rapist to organize their demonstration elsewhere after the group interrupted his speech at a campaign rally in North Carolina.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — A group of women showed up at rally wearing shirts with the slogan "Bill Clinton is a rapist."

    The protestors said they aimed to show their disapproval of former president Clinton as criticism of US Republican candidate Donald Trump's controversial remarks about women has also surfaced in the mainstream media.

    "Try to get your own rally!" Obama said when protesters interrupted his speech in the town of Greensboro on Tuesday. "If you can't get your own rally, don't come up and mess up somebody else’s rally. We have got work to do."

    Numerous women have come forward in the past 30 years claiming that Bill Clinton has sexually assaulted them as his wife has played an active role in silencing them while claiming concurrently that she fights for women’s rights.

    On Friday, a 2005 video recording was circulated by the media in which Trump makes crude comments about women, as caught on microphone during a ride on a bus with TV host Billy Bush.

    Obama noted that people should express their opinions on the Elections Day instead of paying attention to the protesters.

    "I heard some booing. Don’t boo — vote," Obama stated. "What matters is who votes."

    During the second presidential debate on Sunday, Trump repeatedly mentioned past scandals over sexual misconduct of Bill Clinton and brought in four women who claim that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them.


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