01:06 GMT23 February 2020
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    President Barack Obama must publicly pledge not to provide a pardon for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her colleagues, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told a rally in Novi, Michigan.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Trump was referring to the controversy surrounding the destruction by Clinton and staffers of some 33,000 emails after they had been subpoenaed by the US Congress for an investigation into her use of a private server to conduct official business during her tenure.

    "Mr. President, will you pledge not to issue a pardon for Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators for their many crimes against our country?" Trump said on Friday. "Will you make that pledge?"

    Trump also demanded that Clinton give an assurance that she would not appoint to official positions, if she wins the presidential election, any of the five individuals who took the Fifth Amendment rather than testify about their roles in the destruction of the emails and related devices.

    "Here's my question for Hillary Clinton: Can you promise that none one of the five people who were granted criminal immunity will ever be allowed to serve in a Clinton administration?" Trump asked.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation provide Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills, staffer Heather Samuelson and State Department Office of Information Resources Management Director John Bentel with immunity when conducting a criminal investigation of whether the former secretary of state intended to violate US laws by using a private server.

    No one in the United States including Clinton was above the law, Trump told the crowd, which he estimated at 20,000 with thousands more standing outside.


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