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    Poll: Americans Feel Less Safe, 58% Say Obama Too Weak to Take Action on Terror

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    A recent Breitbart-Gravis national security poll highlights growing panic among Americans over the Obama administration’s refusal to confront radical terrorism in the age of political correctness.

    In a Breitbart-Gravis poll released on Friday of 1,503 registered voters a shocking number of Americans expressed horror over the Obama administration’s failure to meet the growing national security challenge of international terrorism with a vast majority agreeing that the US President is "reluctant" due to fears of insulting people in the age of political correctness.

    When asked whether the Obama administration was too reluctant to take appropriate measures to stop terrorist attacks and defeat Daesh (ISIS), a shocking majority – 58% of respondents – said yes. 51% of the electorate “strongly agreed” that these attacks would have been avoided if Obama was not so reticent to take controversial measures while only 37% of voters say the recent terror attacks were unavoidable.

    The poll results are a boon for the candidacy of Republican nominee Donald Trump who has been battered by the media in recent months for his far from politically correct proposals including surveillance of mosques, restoring stop-and-frisk and a more aggressive military campaign against Daesh terrorists in Syria openly calling for the US to join forces with Russia in combatting the spread of terror.

    The poll also showed that the American people do not accept the growing number of terror attacks, including several in the past week, as a the "new normal" with only 30% of voters resigned to that disturbing reality while 47% disagreed strongly.

    When asked whether President Obama has made the country safer or less safe from terrorism to which 51% of Americans said that the president made the country less safe while only 30% say that the Obama presidency has left them feeling safer.

    Similarly, a majority of Americans – 51% — said that they are in favor of restricting the number of Syrian refugees versus only 30% said that they were open to Hillary Clinton’s proposal of welcoming more.

    In a separate finding, 59% of respondents said that too many refugees are coming into the United States each year versus 41% who said that either too few or just the right number of refugees have been allowed in.

    Positions favoring reducing the number of refugees or limiting admission into the country to women, children, and fathers of young children have been criticized by opponents as either racist or inhumane, but appear to be a viewpoint held by the majority of the nation who feel the imperative of personal and national security outweighs humanitarian intentions.


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