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    Russian national Roman Seleznev to be arraigned on October 16

    Experts Say Government Evidence in Seleznev’s Case 'Corrupt, Unreliable'

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    Lawyer John Henry Browne said that the experts working with the defense team of alleged Russia cyber criminal Roman Seleznev detained in the United States say that the government’s evidence is faulty.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The experts working with the defense team of alleged Russia cyber criminal Roman Seleznev detained in the United States say that the government’s evidence is faulty, Seleznev's lawyer John Henry Browne told Sputnik.

    "I don’t know how up on computer things you are, I am not. That’s why I have another lawyer helping me a lot on it. We have three experts, we have two of the best experts in world on computer staff helping us and saying that the government’s evidence is corrupt basically and not reliable," Browne said.

    According to Browne, the trial, which begins in the United States on Monday, may last up to four weeks.

    "A lot of our case will be cross examination of the government’s experts. A lot of the case can be a cross examination of the government’s witnesses, in this case that will be two. When they are finished with their case, if we think they’ve proven a case we will then put on our case, which will involve all of our experts," Browne said.

    According to the US prosecutors, between October 2009 and October 2013 Seleznev hacked into retail point-of-sale systems and installed malware in order to steal more than two million credit card numbers from a number of businesses.

    In July 2014, Seleznev was detained by US forces in Maldives, taken to Guam and then Seattle, Washington. Russia's Foreign Ministry and Seleznev's father branded the incident a "kidnapping."

    "Roman was blown up, almost dying. The only reason he survived is that they flew him from Marrakesh to Moscow and gave him good treatment, but he’s got scars all over his head. He definitely has head injury, he has other injuries. He needs treatment to his head injuries, but I haven’t seen any indication that he has any mental problems at all. As a matter of fact he is very very smart," Browne said.

    Browne added that currently Seleznev was not getting any treatment.

    "Once the case is over and he is convicted and goes to the prison for it, whatever period of time he’ll maybe get better treatment," he added.

    John Henry Browne also noted that the United States acted against international law when abducted Seleznev in order to bring him into custody.

    "This case bothers me a great deal as an American citizen and an attorney because of the way we kidnapped Roman, basically, against our own principles and against international law. It really offends me that the United States is doing things like this. The reason why I am so personally involved is because I am really ashamed of what our government did in order to get Roman into custody," Browne said

    The lawyer explained that Seleznev's detention could indeed be considered an abduction.

    "They kidnapped him. There is no extradition treaty with the Maldives. You can imagine what would happen if some military operation from Russia kidnapped somebody off the streets of Los Angeles. We would go to war over it. But we don’t seem to be following international law, and this really bothers me a lot," Browne said.

    "We will not be giving an opening statement on Monday, we’ll be waiting until the case is done. Since we have doubts as to what the government will be able to prove, we don’t want to give an opening statement… It’s actually a good tactic in some cases, particularly with a complex case, to reserve our opening for the conclusion of the government’s case," Browne said.


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