10:45 GMT26 November 2020
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    On Monday US Republican candidate Donald Trump delivered an economic policy speech in Detroit, and could barely finish a sentence over the vociferous objections of protesters.

    Political cartoonist and analyst Ted Rall told Radio Sputnik’s Brian Becker that the protesters didn’t do the mogul much harm, as he “didn’t have a lot of substance” to interrupt.

    Trump consistently states that he has a specific vision for the US economy but has, to date, not revealed it, Rall noted, adding that the GOP nominee's speech at the Detroit Economic Club was another in a series of vague commentaries that are seen as a reason for concern.

    "Perhaps we need to start getting into a Boy Who Cried Wolf kind of mindset when it comes to Donald Trump's promises to become specific," he suggested during the Loud & Clear interview.

    Trump unveiled no details on monetary policy, trade, jobs programs or taxes. Instead, he introduced a team of economic advisers packed with bankers, hedge fund managers and real estate speculators. Trump claims that he is representing the voices of those who have been economically harmed during Barack Obama's presidency.

    ​According to Rall, the appointments are an attempt to smooth "ruffled feathers" of Republican Party officials. That said, Trump's list "doesn't look a lot different from Hillary Clinton's list of economic advisers."

    "There seems to be more of an emphasis perhaps on Wall Street, on her team than on his, but not a lot more," Rall said. "The working class voters and citizens need to know that neither of these two candidates are going to be on their team going forward after election day."

    Bernie Sanders was the only candidate in this year's presidential race who clearly took a pro-worker economic course, Rall believes. While Clinton remains Wall Street's favorite candidate, Trump's newly unveiled team of economic advisers also doesn't leave much hope for the little guy.

    Rall noted that both candidates have shifted more to the right, and toward pleasing the political and economic power establishment, since the primary season.

    "Something that's very notable in American politics is just how much of the rhetoric ends up in the platform but then gets forgotten about," he said.


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