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    A test B61-12 nose assembly fired from Sandia National Laboratories’ Davis gun splashes water from an 8-foot-deep pool as a 2,000-pound reaction mass sails into the air from the other end of the gun in a successful impact test at New Mexico Tech’s Energetic Materials Research & Testing Center

    Nuclear-Active: The Real Reason Behind Recent Pentagon’s Announcements

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    Right after the announcement of the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) of the final development phase for upgraded B61-12 thermonuclear bomb came another one about a new intercontinental ballistic missile. One Russian military observer has explained why such ambiguous and vague statements have been made here and now.

    On Monday, the NNSA announced the final development phase of the upgraded airborne nuclear bomb B61-12 prior to production, the first version of which is to be completed by 2020.

    On Tuesday, Pentagon announced that it “is preparing to approve development and production of a new intercontinental ballistic missile, opening competition between three top defense contractors and rekindling debate over whether the US can afford to modernize its triad of nuclear weapons.”

    The announcement was even more ambiguous and vague than the previous one, according to RIA Novosti reporter Mikhail Sheinkman.

    “While it is just words, the point is made. If it is not a demonstration of force, then, absolutely clearly, a reminder of it,” the author writes in his article for the RIA Novosti website.

    And first of all, it is a reminder for Americans itself, as it seemingly “begins to languish” without evident military technical achievements.

    The announcements are of particular importance right now when the only ones who are talking about the US might and superiority are the country’s politicians running for office.

    When even the local media are reporting about Russian and Chinese success more often than providing a weather forecast.

    “With such announcements Washington has apparently taken a solemn oath that it will be the same as it emerged back in 1945: nuclear. Nuclear-active. Or rather radioactive,” the author states.

    And to reach this goal, it doesn’t matter whether Hillary Clinton takes the top job or not, the author states.


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