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    Clinton Campaign Believes Russia Behind Democratic Party Email Hack - Advisor

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    Investigators have told the campaign of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that the breach of Democratic National Committee emails may have been committed by actors linked to the Russian government, Clinton’s foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan said at a press briefing in Philadelphia on Monday.

    PHILADELPHIA (Sputnik) — On Friday, the whistleblowing website Wikileaks published almost 20,000 pages of hacked Democratic National Committee emails that appear to demonstrate a concerted effort by top committee members to undermine US Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign in favor of Clinton.

    "We have seen multiple intelligence experts as well as security firms describe the cyber attack on the DNC [Democratic National Committee] as carried out or conducted by Russian government-sponsored entities," Sullivan told reporters at the Democratic National Convention.

    Earlier on Monday, the Democratic National Committee said in a statement that the party is working with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to determine the size and scope of the breach.

    Sullivan claimed that if Russia is behind the leak, it would be a new "watershed."

    "This would be Russia interfering in the American presidential election," he stated.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the allegations on Monday, but has earlier stated that a possibility of the Russian government’s involvement in DNC cyber attack is completely ruled out.


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      So Trump is a Russian spy after all - that' explains his finding out about the NDC anti-Bernie scam!
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      CLINTON been in every coup, and worst forever.. SHE HATES RUSSIANS... WITH A PASSION.
      Reason she went to reset her clock. But she too old.
      Have new wrinkles everywhere.
      IF she wins, she will go headlong, maybe to reset clock, then to try to gain all U.S can, and DITCH Russia into cold war and possibly a real war.

      Why? Putin ed what Clinton's were doing in Russia. They had big plans. Oil, Gold, Diamonds, decades of gas , exploration.. and way more..
      U.S, Obama refused to allow Russia to learn FRACKING. Why?
      Because there could be FRACKING in Russia on amounts that will BOG anyone's mind. U.S hides tech, then want others to do transparency and teach U.S all tech.

      The CLINTON'S had a ROAD MAP to post RUSSIA disappearance. Russia was and IS suppose to be like Yugoslavia. Same fate.
      THIS is why Russia messed in OLYMPICS, and Russia was so FOOL as to let them sneak and gain territories
      Thanks to Gorbachev.
      Clinton is just desperate for excuses. And is preparing the country for war. One that may United states LOSE.
      The exceptionalism and COLD WAR PARANOIA, do not let them see the truth. They officially saying they winning in Iraq, Syria, China Sea another POLITICIZED court...
      In Ukraine. They celebrate every year the LIBERATION of all Ex Soviet States. THANKS to.. Oh well everyone knows.
      SHE have so much to hide, no one would understand. And she using all teh powers she earned with the ESTABLISHMENT to win the presidency,
      But is against something she will never be able to figure.

      She have some new lines...MAYBE for laughing too much.
    • White_Eagle1
      Hahaha ...er um, its starting to look like everyone and their brother's uncle's sister's nephew has hacked into the Clinton and DNC servers. But the DNC trying to blame Russia for interfearing in the election process is more like the pot trying to call the kettle black...
      Its the DNC that has interfered in their own primary process. And Russia is not the one responsible for Hillery's personal server leaking like a sieve.
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