06:46 GMT11 May 2021
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    Adult video giant Pornhub has joined a number of technology giants like Google and Yahoo that have recently implemented so-called bug bounty programs. The company is now offering up to 25,000 dollars to those who can find security vulnerabilities on its website. Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Alexi Klein, from Pornhub’s Marketing Team.

    “Since we officially launched earlier this week we have got some fifty or so submissions that we are now vetting and which should be qualifying for a bounty. We’ve received over a ton [of such submissions] since we opened up,” Alexi Klein said.

    When asked to say a few words about the history of Pornhub and whether this was the result of many of those visiting their website being a little “nerdy” Alexi said there was a lot of traffic coming in from all over the world every day.

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    “But yes, just like you said, we do have a ‘nerdy’ user base, but not everyone of course. Still, this is about giving people an opportunity to try their skills and we believe there is a lot of unexploited talent out there. So we decided why not try to make our community a bit safer.”

    When asked whether there had been any “black hat” hackers who tried to gain their system somehow, Alexi said that no, there had been no such cases so far.

    Answering a question whether the federal government should take some steps to help ensure the privacy of Internet users in any way, Alexi Klein said that the government had launched its own bug bounty program on HackerOne and that it was a great step in that direction.

    There has been a lot of speculation recently about the US government employing hackers, both black and white, just like European governments do to combat piracy.

    “Like I said, there is a lot of unexploited talent out there and it’s probably best to reward such researchers for responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities,” the Pornhub representative said.

    When asked if there were any specific requirements to take part in the bug bounty program, or whether applicants were first supposed to go through some training, Alexi Klein said that it was an opportunity that was “open to just about anyone.”

    Trying to fill the gaps in its security apparatus with outside help online adult video giant Pornhub is offering as much as $25,000 to hack its website and find flaws.

    Pornhub has been running its program in invite-only beta since last year.

    Bugs must be reported within 24 hours of their discovery, and those who find them cannot discuss the vulnerability with anyone else. Bounties will only be awarded to the first people to discover and report problems.


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