01:51 GMT28 January 2020
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    The Romanian hacker who first uncovered the improper use by Hillary Clinton of a private email account, claims he easily broke into the former State Secretary’s “unsecured” home server, contradicting statements from the Clinton campaign.

    44-year-old Marcel Lehel Lazar, who goes by the nickname ‘Guccifer,' claims he had no difficulty breaching Clinton's email server after gaining access to the email account of her former political advisor Sidney Blumenthal in March 2013.

    After breaching the current Democratic frontrunner's server, Lazar found the content of no interest, as "it was not like the Hillary Clinton server, it was like an email server she and others were using with political voting stuff," he said, cited by Gawker.

    "It was like an open orchid on the Internet," Mr. Lazar told NBC in an interview from a Bucharest prison. "There were hundreds of folders."

    The infamous hacker hasn't detailed how he accomplished his exploit, saying only that he guessed the answer to Blumenthal's security question after researching him online and then traced the server's originating IP address from emails sent to him by Clinton.

    Lazar observed that he used readily available web programs to see if the server was "alive" and which ports were open, suggesting that virtually anyone could access Clinton's emails.

    Guccifer's announcement is in conflict with the Clinton camp's official version of events. In a section dedicated to answering questions about the server, Clinton's website says there is no evidence the server was hacked.

    Lazar provided no documentation to authenticate his claims. Brian Fallon, national press secretary for Clinton's presidential campaign, responded to the hacker's claims by calling them "baseless."

    Lazar was extradited last month to the United States from a prison in Arad, Romania, where he has been serving a seven-year sentence for hacking crimes committed in his native country. He faces trial September 12 in Virginia.


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