12:20 GMT02 June 2020
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    The Republican frontrunner bashed Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton for having no "strength and stamina to deal with China and other things".

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lacks the physical ability to effectively serve as President of the United States, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said after winning five primary elections by landslides in a single night.

    "She’ll be a horrible president… She doesn't have the strength she doesn't have the stamina," Trump told a victory rally at Trump Tower in New York City on Tuesday night after winning the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut primaries.

    Clinton won four out of the five Democratic Party primaries she contested in the same states.

    "Hillary does not have the strength or the stamina to deal with China or other things… Hillary will be horrible, absolutely horrible. She knows nothing about jobs except jobs for herself," Trump added.

    'We Will Beat Hillary Easily'

    "We will beat Hillary so easily," Trump said.

    He claimed that Clinton lacked any widespread or deep popular support and relied only on her championship of women's rights and her promise to be the first woman ever to be elected as US president.

    "I think the only card she has is the woman's card. She has nothing else going for her… And the beautiful thing is, women don't like her," he added.

    'Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich Should Get Out of the Race'

    "I consider myself the presumptive nominee absolutely… Senator [Ted] Cruz and Governor [John] Kasich should really get out of the race… They have no pathway. We should heal the Republican Party. I'm a unifier. I unify people," Trump said.

    Trump added that he considered that the race within the Republican party was over, and his rivals could not win.

    The Republican frontrunner also predicted that by the time the Republican National Convention was held in the US city of Cleveland in July, he would have a lead in votes of at least five million votes over Cruz.

    Trump noted that turnout so far in Republican primaries across the United States was 70 percent higher than it had been in the 2012 presidential campaign while turnout in the Democratic primaries was down by 35 percent compared with four years ago.

    The 2016 US presidential election will take place in November.


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