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    Ideal Conceal

    'Smartphone Gun' Inventor Says Gadget Aimed at Protection Amid Backlash

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    As a controversial pistol disguised as a smartphone developed by Ideal Conceal is about to hit the American market, the creator of the foldable weapon Kirk Kjellberg explained in an interview with RT that the gun was designed for self-defense and described its operating principle.

    ​​The pistol, expected to go on sale in 2017, appears to be one of the best “concealed”-style weapon models to date. The Minnesota-based company behind the concept has developed a foldable casing, allowing to turn what looks like a regular iPhone into a gun with a single click of a button.

    "This is the derringer-style pistol. It gets loaded through the top. And then you can fold it so it would look like a smartphone,” Kjellberg said, adding that the weapon can be easily carried in the pocket.

    Ideal Conceal is double-barreled.380 gun. It is quick-firing and can be equipped with a laser-guided aim to accelerate the speed of its operation, according to the manufacturer.

    Shortly after the pistol’s presentation, heated debates over its resemblance to smartphones arose. As many claimed such similarity would pose a threat to public security, others found the likeness of the pistol design to that of an iPhone appealing.

    Defending his creation, Kjellberg pointed to the fact that the pistol is specifically designed for the purpose of self-defense. It has only two shots that makes it inappropriate for attacking large groups of people, he continued. Moreover, it’s made of metal so it cannot be carried into an Airport undetected, Kjellberg added.

    Mr. James G. Conway, a former FBI agent and the head of the think tank Global Intel Strategies, argued that “there are no safe weapons.” The problem regarding the gun is that metal detectors may fail from time to time leading to unexpected consequences, he said in an interview with RT.

    Moreover, given that the cult of weapons is deeply rooted in American culture, Conway explained there’s a risk that such a smartphone-like pistol could easily be taken to a school, a theater or on board of an airplane.

    However, Kjellberg doesn’t view this as a source of trouble in the future.

    “A person that is going to commit a crime will find more effective methods to conceal the firearms.”

    Over 4,000 people have preordered an Iphone-looking gun at the moment. Curiously, Ideal Conceal is priced at half that of Apple’s latest smartphone.


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