02:54 GMT21 October 2020
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    During an appearance on Fox News on Monday, former Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson warned the Party will face “absolute destruction” should they make any attempts to undermine a Donald Trump nomination.

    Appearing remotely on Fox & Friends, Carson had some strong words for his party leadership.

    “I can tell you this,” Carson said. “If there are shenanigans, if it’s not straightforward, all of those millions of people that Donald Trump has brought into the arena are not going to stay there.”

    Carson continued on to warn that any “shenanigans” will cause Republicans to not only lose the Oval Office — but potentially the Senate and the House along with it.

    “And the Republicans are going to lose,” he added. “And it’s going to be not only the presidency, but it’s going to be the Senate, and it could even be the House. It’s going to be absolute destruction.”

    The famed neurosurgeon went on to insist that the nomination process must be straightforward and follow the will of the people.

    “And if they’re more concerned about America, they will not blow up a straightforward process,” he insisted. “They will let the will of the people prevail.”

    Trump himself has previously claimed that, should there be a brokered convention and he be denied the nomination, there will be riots.

    “I think you’d have riots,” he told CNN. “I think you’d have riots. I’m representing a tremendous many, many millions of people.”


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