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    Trump Calls for NATO Replacement, Shift Focus to Anti-Terrorism

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    Trump has called for a alternative organization to NATO that would focus on tackling the terrorist threat.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for an alternative organization to NATO that would focus on tackling the terrorist threat and rely less on US funding.

    "I actually think in terms of terror you may be better off with a new institution, an institution that would be more fairly based, an institution that would be more fairly taken care of from an economic standpoint. You have many wealthy states over there that are not going to be there if it’s not for us, and they’re not going to be there if it is for terror. Whether it’s Saudi Arabia or others," Trump said during Saturday's interview with The New York Times newspaper.

    Trump has been vocal about his views on changing US foreign policy in the course of the ongoing Republican Party presidential primaries ahead of the 2016 US presidential election. On Thursday, the Republican frontrunner said that the time is right for the United States to renegotiate its NATO membership.

    Trump expressed doubt in the current US administration's policy over the conflict in Ukraine. The events have a negligible effect on the United States, Trump told the newspaper, stressing that the confrontation with Russia over the issue amid indifference by Ukraine's immediate neighbours has been unfair and illogical.

    In 2015, the United States paid nearly 75 percent of NATO’s budget, according to data compiled by the European Leadership Network.


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      Notice how Trump tries to be fair and doesn't just decide to force people to pay more. He wants to change the mission to something that may be of a more direct benefit to all member countries. That's a departure from the current confrontational (in-your-face) approach the US government has to everything and everyone.
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      At least one guy notes that the direct confrontations between nuclear superpowers USA _ Russia - China do not make any sense and are just costly. Neither the rocket defense System in Poland nor the ship patrols in South China Sea would stop Russia or China to respond to an attack on their countries. Its just costly Theater Play.
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      Trump is right. NATO is only surviving on life support.
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      .... .

      FIX THE U.N!..
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      Trump sounds a darn sight saner and more reasonable than some of the others running for the top job. NATO is a waste of time and resources. Trump has hit the nail on the head yet again.
    • Ivan Buckeyein reply toCelestial(Show commentHide comment)
      Celestial, Exactly, it seems the U.N. has fell off the radar as of late, well, at least in the United States the U.N. is rarely mentioned.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      NATO is an American country club of sorts and it's not worth the membership. Most of the older members in NATO in Europe lack enthusiasm about being in the alliance. Not to be crass, but it's the eastern European nations that are all gun-ho about being in the club. Kind of like the kids in rural areas, they're always getting into a trend when everyone else has moved on to newer ones, trust me, been there, done that growing up. One day when you're grown up, you realize the trivial silliness to wanting the latest snickers and instead look for comfort and quality that is going to last. So it goes the same for anyone wanting to join NATO nowadays, you're showing just how backwards you are to crowd that you're trying to hang out with, how about aiming for the refined things of life.
    • Angus Gallagher
      These comments are certainly interesting and seen from an economic perspective alone- NATO doesn't make sense. It has the great potential to drag America into conflicts of which are of not only limited concern to the American people- but which actually provoke the very animosity NATO was set up to counter: NATO both arsonist and fireman.
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      Pentagonisabeastin reply toAngus Gallagher(Show commentHide comment)
      Angus Gallagher, NATO being both the 'arsonist and fireman' is actually an excellent economic perspective for the US Military Industrial Complex as they win both ways.
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