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    Countdown 2016: Sanders and Clinton Neck-and-Neck in Key States

    New Poll Shows Sanders, Clinton Neck-and-Neck for Democratic Nomination

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    A new poll from Bloomberg Politics has Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie, with the Vermont Senator leading the former Secretary of State by one point.

    The national poll surveyed past and likely voters in Democratic presidential nominating contests this year, and Sanders came in with 49% to Clinton’s 48%.

    Sanders also bested Clinton in head-to-head polls against the remaining Republican candidates, beating Donald Trump by 24 points, Ted Cruz by 12 points, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich by 4 points. In comparison, Clinton won against Trump by 18 points, and Cruz by 9 points — but lost to Kasich by 4 points.

    The next primary is Wisconsin’s on April 5, where Sanders is likely to do well in the delegate-rich city of Madison, even if he does not win the entire state. The latest poll in the state, conducted by Emerson College, also has Clinton and Sanders neck-and-neck, with Clinton leading by 6 points with a 5% margin of error.

    Sanders is also expected to do quite well on April 26 when Connecticut, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania head to the polls. The delegate goldmine of California votes on June 7, and is also looking good for the senator.

    At a rally in California on Wednesday, Sanders told his supporters that if there is a large turnout, he can win the state, and if he wins by a large margin, "we are going together to the White House."

    Still, Clinton maintains a massive delegate lead on Sanders especially when Super Delegates are factored in, though Super Delegates do not vote until the convention in July and are not bound to stay with the candidate to whom they’ve pledged loyalty.


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