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    Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, has recently announced her candidacy for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

    Clinton Email: Assad Must Be Toppled to Protect Israel

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    Buried within Hillary Clinton’s private server is an email which proves that the former US Secretary of State wanted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad out of power for the sake of Israel, assuring her partners that Russia would not get involved.

    As Clinton moves closer to victory in the Democratic primary, WikiLeaks compiled emails from her controversial private server into a convenient search engine. One of those emails demonstrates the former Secretary of State’s interest in Syrian regime change.

    "The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad," reads an email concerning Iran’s nuclear program.

    According to the email, Clinton views the "strategic relationship between Iran and the regime of Bashar Assad" as a threat to Israel’s security.

    "The end of the Assad regime would end this dangerous alliance. Israel’s leadership understands well why defeating Assad is now in its interests," the email reads.

    "Bringing down Assad would not only be a massive boon to Israel’s security, it would also ease Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly."

    By toppling Syria, the email argues, the United States may be able to soothe Israel’s fears regarding Tehran’s nuclear program.

    "With Assad gone, and Iran no longer able to threaten Israel through its proxies, it is possible that the United States and Israel can agree on red lines for when Iran’s program has crossed an unacceptable threshold," it reads.

    "In short, the White House can ease the tension that developed with Israel over Iran by doing the right thing in Syria."

    While the chaotic results of the NATO bombing campaign in Libya should have served as a warning, Clinton dismissed these concerns.

    "Libya was an easier case. But other than the laudable purpose of saving Libyan civilians from likely attacks by Qaddafi’s regime, the Libyan operation had no long-lasting consequences for the region."

    The fall of Qaddafi has, of course, completely destabilized a formerly secure nation and exacerbated the European refugee crisis.

    "Washington should start by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to organize, train and arm Syrian rebel forces."

    Clinton also gave her assurances that Russia would not seek to intercede in Syria.

    "Russian officials have already acknowledged they won’t stand in the way if intervention comes," the email reads.

    In hindsight, Clinton was proven wrong about most, if not all, of her Syrian policies.


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      The us is trying to control the world oil supply using economic means or using their war machine and they are trying to control the world food supply using gmo's or genetically manipulated organisms
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tosiberianhusky(Show commentHide comment)
      siberianhusky, Hillary Clinton's maternal grandmother was Jewish. By their law that makes her one herself. Of course she has been bought off as well.
    • bugei009in reply tobugei009(Show commentHide comment)
    • bugei009in reply tosilkwillie(Show commentHide comment)
      It's as good & accurate of a guess as any. The scope of an operation involving this much money, resources would lead me to pretty much same players & conclusion. Same crew that brought the planet WW1 - WW2 - most of the other HIC's & LIC's. Also we know they are Geoengineering & Rothschild owns the Weather Channel so we have a pretty big clue who's behind it. Since not one single candidate will even talk about Geoenineering yet we can see they are doing doing it every day of our lives tells me all politicians are part of it at one level or another. Trump or Cruz won't even broach the topic so we know it's not on the table for discussion.
    • bugei009in reply tosilkwillie(Show commentHide comment)
      Spot on & more !
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      Clinton has been wrong on every single foreign policy decision she has ever made. She is a rank amateur lacking both the intelligence and insightfulness needed to be president. Her administration would be a disaster for world peace.
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      Obviously the people voting for hillary never read the news and have no idea what is going on in the world past their TV star entertainment shows.
    • Ivan Buckeyein reply towconell(Show commentHide comment)
      wconell, you're so right! Scary how obsessed with t.v. land people have become....
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      Cal Dre
      In all fairness, the WikiLeaks page does not show the sender and recipient. It looks like a memo prepared for Clinton by her staff. It's not her writing style; more like an intern level of writing. Moreover Secretaries of State don't write memos, they read and review them. In this case, we don't know what became of it.
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      Cal Dre
      ivanwa88, "the State Department makes it absolutely clear that the war on Syria was designed to serve one purpose: Protect Israel". Sorry, but that's not clear at all. Certainly the topic of the email is how defeating Assad might help Israel - but that does not mean this is the reason for the strategy. For example, perhaps Clinton said to an assistant: Israel is upset about the Iran nuclear negotiations, please prepare a memo for how we are acting to protect Israel's security. Or there could be many other explanations, including yours, though that one seems less likely, since the memo is phrased in terms of "what we are doing will help Israel", rather than, "Israel wants us to do this".
    • Anton KOMAROVin reply towconell(Show commentHide comment)
      wconell, hi...yes absolutely well said, i sometimes wonder how it can be!!? how people can be so blind!
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      Cal Dre
      ivanwa88, you are addressing a straw man. The article is simply inaccurate, there is first of all no evidence that the memo was written by Clinton (i.e., it claims it shows what Clinton "wanted"), as opposed to her reviewing it; and second, the article insinuates that the memo shows that the US wanted to topple Assad to protect Israel, whereas the memo doesn't say that (it only says toppling Assad would help Israel's security, *NOT* that this is the reason to topple Assad).

      All I'm saying is this article is very inaccurate, one could say, propaganda.

      That doesn't mean I agree with US foreign policy in the Middle East. Geesh. Just because I care about truth and accuracy does not mean I support imperialism, for crying out loud. :),
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      This woman why on earth is she so committed to Israel. What Israel has done for the USA? It is money, just money, is it not? Does she think that defending Christianity is the same than defending Judaism? This fallacy is accepted for many USA intellectuals, although historically, the Jews crucified and killed Jesus and they are still waiting for the advent of the Messiah.
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      So she's a war criminal, right?
    • FlorianGeyer
      Hilary Clinton is just like most Western and Western orientated politicians.
      She is 'Bought and Paid For' by the Zionists with gifts of money from the Oligarchs who also have the power to print US dollars which are then lent 'at interest' to the Goyim.

      Only a regime change civil war in the US or a Nuclear war with Russia and China will end the reign of the World Mafia Criminals.
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      The entire 12 year war in the Middle East was because of the Wolfowitz doctrine. A Jew Zionist wrote it and a Christian terrorist American government carried it out. Stupid America lead around by the nose like a jackass following a carrot on a stick.
      America as a nation is a disgrace, an embarrassment.
      Little Zionist Israel has proved soperior to America.
      You should be ashamed. You've been humiliated.
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      ...or to fall on israel?
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      Bob, it's the radiation :)
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      michaelin reply towconell(Show commentHide comment)
      wconell, this is why she appeared on 'I am caitlyn' drivel. :)
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      Pentagonisabeastin reply tovamacharya(Show commentHide comment)
      vamacharya, Clinton is a delusional lying b^&#h !!
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