15:30 GMT29 October 2020
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    Florida State Attorney General Pam Bondi, who dropped an investigation into Donald Trump’s for-profit “Trump University” scheme in 2013 after receiving a large donation to her reelection campaign from the former reality star has now endorsed him for the presidential election.

    In 2013, Bondi announced that she was doing a review of the Trump Institute of Boca Raton, and possibly join other states taking action against the alleged scam operation. Three days later Trump donated $25,000 to her reelection campaign, following which she decided not to take action against him.

    The interesting timing and lack of charges raised many eyebrows, but when asked why he contributed so much money to her campaign, Trump released a statement calling her “a fabulous representative of the people.”

    “Every time I’m surprised someone endorsed him, there’s a quid pro quo — $25,000 buys a lot when it comes to a state-level politician,” Katie Packer, a former Mitt Romney aide who now runs the anti-Trump super PAC Our Principles, told Politico. “It’s too bad people defrauded out of money by Trump University don’t have that kind of money to buy an advocate in the Florida Attorney General’s office.”

    Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump has been open about using money to influence politicians prior to his own run.

    At a Tampa rally on Monday, Bondi called Trump “the most popular person in Florida, by far.”

    “I felt Florida needed to be changed,” Bondi said. “Now, our country and our world need someone who is going to protect our security like never before, and that’s why I support Donald.”

    “Donald and I have been friends for many years, and I can tell you some things about Donald that I have seen first-hand,” she said.


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