06:01 GMT +321 February 2017
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

    Neocon 'Hissy Fit' Over Trump: US Hawks 'Are Afraid of Becoming Irrelevant'

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    US hardliners do not seem to be particularly happy with Donald Trump's unexpected rise. Experts say, the hawks "are terrified" of becoming irrelevant should the bombastic billionaire move into the White House following the November presidential election.

    "The neocons are essentially afraid of becoming dispensable, shall we say, if there is a change in the administration," former CIA counterterrorism specialist and military intelligence officer Philip Giraldi told the Liberty Report.

    Political analyst Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity echoed this sentiment.

    "None of us know what [Trump] would do, frankly, [if he is elected], but it seems to me as if the neocons are panicking because they feel that they don't have a 100-percent certainty that they will be in the driver's seat," he noted. "There is a little bit of a question that something might change come election time."  

    Giraldi further observed that neocons are wary of Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, and Donald Trump because both are not supported by their parties' establishment. It follows then that they could radically change America's foreign policy – something US hawks strongly object to.

    Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
    © AP Photo/ Tom Lynn
    Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

    "One of the interesting things about the neocons is that they've managed to infiltrate both parties. They stress their relations with the GOP, which, of course, are pervasive. They have basically defined foreign policy for the Republicans for at least the last twenty years," he explained.

    But neocons also hold sway over the Democrats, he added.

    Hillary Clinton, according to Giraldi, is "basically" a neocon and several neocons worked for her at the State Department. "And a number of leading neoconservatives are indicating that they are going to vote for her."

    "So [neocons] have this bipartisan ability to shape foreign policy. Their trick of course is to have both sides covered," he added.

    Some neocons, like Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the US State Department Victoria Nuland or American historian Robert Kagan, will be advising Hillary Clinton, while others will be on Team Trump in the coming months.


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    • siberianhusky
      Its about time that somebody shakes up the corrupted morass in Washington. If that has to be Trump than so be it.
    • AnomicDust
      It probably would be harder for the neocons to capture Trump's brain than Obama's. He hasn't passed through the full brainwashing program.
    • avatar
      "None of us know what [Trump] would do, frankly, [if he is elected],
      I don't understand how any former CIA counter-terrorism "expert" believes that, frankly. Surely a detailed profile of Trump is already created. He's quite possibly ENTJ, the natural leader type. The "loose cannon" myth is just something to try and scare people away from voting for Trump. Clinton is the one that is almost entirely unpredictable and the most dangerous.
    • avatar
      It's so easy (and destructive) to constantly reject every available option.
    • avatar
      Doubt Trump will make differences. US is too far into this thing. US economy is largely dependent on the MIC and banking.
    • avatar
      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tolinebackerk(Show commentHide comment)
      linebackerk, Trump has also promised to make the US so strong militarily that nobody will mess with the US. I heard him say that myself. What is the MIC worried about? Furthermore, what are the Neocons really worried about? Agreed Trump is very unpredictable. He says one thing one time and something different another time. That too I have heard myself.
    • avatar
      US Hawks should be thrown into prison for crimes against humanity. They are pure evil individuals.
    • avatar
      rasojin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Clinton may be dangerous but she is entirely predictable. She will support any war.
    • avatar
      The Neocons and Neoliberalcons desire more than just war; as per their policy document Vision 2020, they want to enslave the planet and its people via Full Spectrum Domination using "trade deals" and financial institutions then war if the first two don't work.
    • Storm 95 in Croatia the biggest genocide on Serbian people after ww2in reply torasoj(Show commentHide comment)
      She is not called Killary for nothing! Perhaps she will get a nobel toil. paper for piece like Obongo!
    • avatar
      jasin reply torasoj(Show commentHide comment)
      rasoj, By unpredictable, I was using predictability as an indicator of mental stability. Because when people say they don't know what Trump will do, they are suggesting that he's unstable mentally and that he doesn't have structured thought.

      People don't do what he can do without having clear ideas about how to get the result they want. They also don't succeed by being infinitely combative and confrontational.
    • avatar
      If I was a traffic cop, I'd write a ticket for Trump just like anyone else. I think he'd expect it. But facts are facts and very few people speak factually about Trump.
    • FlorianGeyer
      Donald Trump needs to be very worried that a Russian BUK missile is not fired at his plane over the US, lol. It would be blamed on President Putin of course and the US spy satellites would have been ' looking the other way ' at just the time of the attack naturally.
      The State Dept could implicate Cuba and Iran and hey presto, its time for another few ' wars on terror'.
    • avatar
      That's I am agree... Trump promised to take specially the Pentagon and to audit to the ground. It will be over all these hammers for more of 100 dollars.... A big corruption.... The Military sector the same which destroyed Soviet Union, is today destroying America, same case.
    • Abinico Arts
      They will start a war.
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