12:40 GMT28 July 2021
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    The Consulate-General of the Russian Federation in San Francisco has given the US Department of State all information it possessed concerning the case of a Russian national claiming he was sexually abused.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Consulate-General of the Russian Federation in San Francisco has given the US Department of State all information it possessed concerning the case of a Russian national claiming he was sexually abused by his adoptive parents in the United States, Consulate Press Secretary Maxim Goncharov told Sputnik.

    "On our own initiative, we have passed all the information on this citizen’s case to the US Department of State," Goncharov stated on Friday.

    On Wednesday, US media reported that Denis Flynn, 23, who was adopted by a US couple in Russia, has accused his adoptive parents of subjecting him to sexual abuse for years while he was a minor.

    Goncharov noted that Flynn has not contacted the Russian Consulate for any help, and the Consulate learned about the matter from media reports.

    "Denis Flynn, born in 1992 is a Russian citizen. He was adopted by the US citizens in 2001," Goncharov noted. "He has been registered with the Consulate since his arrival in the United States. He has not contacted the consulate."

    On Friday, US Department of State spokesperson Julia Mason told Sputnik the Department is prepared to facilitate communications between Russian and US authorities in Flynn’s case.

    Russian Foreign Ministry human rights ombudsman Konstantin Dolgov expressed hope earlier that US law enforcement would conduct a thorough and impartial investigation.

    “If he contacts the consulate, we are ready to provide him with all the necessary consular help and assistance, including proof of citizenship [and] issuing of Russian documents,” Goncharov said on Friday.

    Goncharov noted that Denis or his lawyer have so far not contacted the Russian Consulate.

    Goncharov noted that Russian diplomats have established contact with Flynn and his lawyer, but not with US law enforcement.

    “We can establish contact with law enforcement when we have a request from a Russian citizen. There has not been such a request,” Goncharov explained.

    Denis Flynn claims his adoptive father, Ralph, started forcing him to perform sexual acts soon after he was adopted from a Russian orphanage at the age of nine. His adoptive mother, Carolyn, reportedly became involved in the abuse when Denis was 15, and the abuse allegedly continued for another four years.

    The Flynns were arrested in November and face dozens of charges, including allegations of sexual abuse. Ralph Flynn has allegedly been linked to another case of abuse involving a boy he adopted in 1972.


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