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    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts to a question posed by an audience member at Politics and Eggs in Manchester, N.H., Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015.

    Incompetent US Leaders Drove American People Into Revolt - Senator

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    The rise of billionaire Donald Trump in the Republican presidential race was caused by the anger of ordinary Americans at the failure of the US political establishment to cope with the problems mounting on them, Senator Bob Corker said in a statement.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Corker argued that Republican voters were furious at their party’s leaders for failing to prevent President Barack Obama from carrying out his liberal agenda or pushing through any measures to end the tidal wave of illegal immigration.

    “What’s happening in the Republican primary is the result of two things: the fecklessness and ineptness of the Washington establishment in failing to address the big issues facing our country, and years of anger with the overreach of the Obama administration,” Corker stated on Friday.

    Trump has also capitalized on popular dissatisfaction with what the public has branded is corruption in the US government hypocrisy in the media, imposed speech codes that are euphemistically called “political correctness” as well as the troubling decline of the US economy.

    The revolt has extended among Democrats and Independents, as many Americans throw their support behind Senator Bernie Sanders, though mostly for different reasons.

    “[T]o be candid, I think the American people should be angrier than they are.” Corker added.

    The senator urged his fellow Republicans to “[f]ocus more on listening to the American people and less on trying to stifle their voice.”

    Corker has not yet endorsed a Republican presidential candidates.


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