14:20 GMT +327 February 2017
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

    #FreeChrisChristie: Is Trump Holding Former Rival Hostage?!

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    Last month, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie dropped out of the Republican presidential primary. Shortly thereafter, he tossed his support behind billionaire Donald Trump. Based on his appearance alongside Trump on Tuesday night, he may be regretting his decision.

    In 2011, Chris Christie nominated Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim American, to the New Jersey Superior Court. The following year, the governor called out Islamophobic "bigots" within the Republican Party. Even as recently as last December, Christie addressed a notion held by some Americans that all Muslims are terrorists.

    "This is just common sense, everybody. You can’t paint everyone with the same brush. You just can’t," he said during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. "We’re all individuals," he stated.

    That Chris Christie is apparently no more. Last Friday, the governor expressed his support for a candidate running, in part, on a promise to ban all Muslims from entering the US.

    Christie appears to have sold his soul for political gain, and Trump, eager to highlight that he has the endorsement of centrist Republicans, has been parading his new pal before the press.

    Following Trump’s string of primary victories on Super Tuesday, Christie was the one saddled with the unfortunate task of introducing the billionaire during his news conference, and he didn’t seem too happy about it.

    Delivering his praise with all the enthusiasm of someone held at gunpoint, many were quick to point out that Christie’s situation closely resembles that of a hostage.

    Others noted the look of sheer existential panic on Christie’s face as Trump dove into a victory speech.

    Whatever his feelings of regret, Christie is, at this point, all in. With a falling approval rating in his own state, six major New Jersey newspapers co-published an editorial on Wednesday calling for the governor’s resignation.

    "Last year, he spent 261 full or partial days out of New Jersey. Now that he is no longer running for president, what percentage of his time does he expect to spend in New Jersey on New Jersey business this year? How could he endorse someone for president who disagrees with him on virtually every important issue," the piece reads.

    "It has been obvious for at least two years that Christie has put personal ambition ahead of the interests of New Jersey citizens."

    If Trump fails to win the November general election, and Christie’s political gamble doesn’t pay off, his career will be at an end.


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      "...politicians are a hostage to fortune..."
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      Interesting how the media reports claim Trump is the unhinged one. Yet the so-called reporting is crazy. Some websites have 2-3 hit pieces on Trump every day. The progressives say they praise individuality, but they go nuts when somebody doesn't say what everyone else says. Then they struggle frantically to punish the person until they conform. Nuts.

      No new thoughts allowed. All thoughts must be pre-approved before released to the public. *sarcasm* But a person can mock God and Christians, European cultures, and heterosexuals constantly and that's OK with the word police. It's more than just OK. It's encouraged.
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      They have a very long history together. Trump hotel and Casino on New Jersey and much more.
      But wait until the topics get complicated with abortion. Growing human genetics and other stuff that touch the complicated parts of politics.
      For now ,Clinton is getting away with the , " Trump's anti Jew campaign"..that she claim he don't like Jews. I doubt it, but hey, she lies very naturally.
      Look how much of the campaign is gone so far. A very small portion, super Tuesday or not. It still a very long road. Anyone's mistake could derail all.

      Yes, Christie is like that. And is famous, because he sends reporters or opposition to SHUT UP... And get near violent..
      I seen clips where it's been highlighted.
      Now the news were trying to topple Trump with the KKK endorsement.
      He didn't knew what to reply there.
      The part of U.S. Many presidents gone by since the KKK was formed. You can still find the pictures of KKK on horse on front of W.H!!!
      Why no one did nothing? And now if the KKK endorses him, is a SIN. Well, what about all other candidates? Really?
      Sanders been hit with ,Socialism. Like you could turn U.S or any country into Socialism overnight. Maybe 100 years ago. When Soviets had to kill in cold blood scores of populations. Just because they wanted to see the Tsar, they were massacred on the roads. And they stayed and kept going, even while they were all killed.
      Today is different. You start that, people will scramble to get armed. And parts of government will get with people. You have a civil war, But some ignorant folks think it would be so easy. Specially the way U.S is now, with so much bureaucracy. Reason Trump dreams may just end there. Dreams.
      But people want a difference. Oh well..
      Christie maybe like the Billionaire Style life?
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