04:31 GMT27 October 2020
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    Gun lovers often say the “Second Amendment Protects the First,” but that does not appear to be the case in Texas, where universities are now warning everyone on campus to avoid “sensitive topics” now that students can carry concealed handguns.

    The University of Houston recently held a meeting to discuss the issue. Beginning August 1, all public universities will allow anyone with a permit to carry a handgun on campus. Slides from the meeting, obtained by AlterNet, paint a grim picture of this decision.

    One slide from the meeting read, “You may want to: be careful discussing sensitive topics, drop certain topics from your curriculum, not ‘go there’ if you sense anger, limit student access off hours.”

    Another slide warned to avoid “provocative statements.”

    After being told they may want to drop classes and walk on eggshells in their learning environment, many students and faculty against the campus carry ruling have come to the realization that things have progressed too far.

    Over 8,585 people, including nearly 300 professors, have signed a petition calling the new legislation a "direct assault on our free speech rights."

    “The University must be a safe place for people of all views and backgrounds to express their views WITHOUT FEAR.  We are University professors, staff, parents, students and supporters,” the Change.org petition states.

    Those in support of the new rules suggest that, since you must be 21 before applying for a concealed carry license, fewer than 1% of students will qualify to roam the campus armed, therefore it is unlikely to return to the lawless Wild West.


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