11:56 GMT05 December 2020
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    Obama with its latest statement that Russia is the biggest threat to the US seems to be a far cry from what the rest of his country believes. According to a recent Gallup survey, Americans consider international terrorism and not any particular country as the most critical menace for their nation.

    In fact, Russia ranks 12 in the list of the US threats after China's military and economic power, refugee influx and global warming.

    American adults were asked what they saw as possible threats to US vital interests over the next decade and 79 percent agreed that international terrorism possesses a crucial threat.

    Iran's nuclear deal that — touted as a victory for the Obama Administration — doesn't appear to have helped ease fears as Americans still consider nuclear proliferation by Iran as the second most dangerous event that could put the country in turmoil.

    Cyberterrorism with its 73 percent response rate has been named for the first time in the list of threats to American, surprisingly ranking third.

    The global spread of viruses follow cyberterrorism at 63 percent as respondents believe that Ebola and Zika infectious diseases represent a significant danger for the US.

    The conflict in Syria is still in the top five among menaces for the US as 58 percent believe that regional conflict could endanger the position of the country over the upcoming ten years.


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