19:22 GMT02 March 2021
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    What’s that expression? Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it?

    Decades after the US devoted all its efforts to wiping out the red spectre of socialism, a campaign that saw the destruction of overseas regimes and the blacklisting of Washington and Hollywood elite, a new survey shows American millennials seem to prefer socialism over capitalism.

    The poll, conducted by the world's leading online market research company YouGov, was taken January 25 — 27, and surveyed 1000 people. Perhaps surprisingly, 43% of respondents under 30  had a "favorable" view of socialism: 35% said they consider socialism "somewhat favorable," while 8% consider it "very favorable."  Less than a third of millennials reported having a favorable view of capitalism, on the other hand.

    When it comes to political parties, 34% of Democrats expressed a negative attitude towards socialism, while 44% of Democratic respondents had a favorable view.

    Perhaps less surprising: American adults aged 65+ tend to prefer capitalism, with only 23% of that age bracket reporting a favorable view of socialism.  

    Self-styled "Democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders is enjoying wide support by Democratic voters under 30, many of whom say they're fed up with wealth inequality in the US.


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