10:03 GMT +327 February 2017
    Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in Kiev

    Behind Closed Doors: Nuland Briefs US Senators on Russia Talks

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    US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland is discussing her recent talks with Russian officials in a classified briefing with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker told Sputnik.

    "There are numbers of issues right now that are creating troubles for the European Union, but she [Nuland] also had a meeting recently with Russian officials, and we want to sort of bore down what the content of that [was]," Corker said ahead of the briefing on Tuesday afternoon.

    The chairman further indicated that the reason the hearing is taking place in a classified setting is because the committee members "want to know about some details of her meeting with the Russian officials."

    "It was just a wide-ranging conversation," Corker said, following the brief, adding that Nuland addressed "Minsk [the Ukraine peace agreement], Syria — some of the refugee issues, some of the anti-democratic movements taking place in some [European] countries."

    On January 15, Nuland met with Russian Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov to discuss the ongoing peace settlement in Ukraine under the Minsk agreement. The United States, though not a member of the Normandy Group responsible for implementing the Minsk agreement, was included in talks with the Russian official to keep Washington informed.

    In the past two years, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has voiced its concern for Ukraine by passing the Ukraine Freedom Support Act, which calls for tougher sanctions on Russia and providing defensive weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces.

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      and providing defensive weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces.
      and providing "defensive" weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces.
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      jasin reply toMitach2002(Show commentHide comment)
      Mitach2002, Yeah. I don't need it declassified to know they plan more death and human suffering, claiming it is the path to peace.
    • Mother Gorilla
      Nuland's notes: I told them: On Ukraine, get out!,on refugees, don't tell us we are evil!, but (!) help us deal with Eastern Europe! We can only hope she didn't bring any cookies!
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      Victoria Nuland is a terrible person to be a spokesperson and negotiator for anyone's country. She is the worst kind of neo-conservative, a clear and present danger to America, its allies and, actually, the existence of life on this planet. The woman is frighteningly inappropriate in her position of power and influence. It would be far better if President Obama had left her office empty.
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      It's really too bad- and proof that there is no God- that the ugly bitch doesn't swallow a chicken bone.
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      Mitach2002in reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, just read the Wolfowitz doctrine and you'll see they consider everything and anything on the planet theirs to use when and how they see fit and that no international laws apply to them. Will blow your mind.
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      A Jewess spends $5B of goy slaves' money to topple a goy and replace him with two Jews and now she is reporting back to the slave goyim how Russia reacts to it. I bet she is asking for $50B now for turning Ukraine into Israel Site-2.
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      They created the Ukrainian mess, and now can't control it. They went and declared free Russian lands , without s=consultations. They went and did more ignorant acts by totally going against Russia and them make Russia responsible for their acts.
      They took an opportunity when Russia was weak. Thanks to the NAIVE things done by her leaders.

      Now a question, Which country did the same ignorance that U.S ,E.U are doing?


      Is a not well known thing. But UK DID try to get Russia implode. Result? U.K lost most influence around the world.
      Russia went and KICKED U.K OFF India. Russia went and got in U.N and ended the colonialism that now they trying to revive.
      And U.S may end in a very worst position. Because it began a game of blood. '
      Many Russian families are mourning the dead in Ukraine. Ukrainian's killed by the West interventionism. The Kremlin DO knows this. And some protests been addressed .

      Not all protests are just standing still stopping traffic to call attention. Is WAY more effective to write State Duma, the Kremlin , and local leaders. they get the message .
      Calling reporters and telling the problem is another way.
      Kremlin knows this.
      And believe it or not, that's exactly the same mistake Poland and others did when the west sent the Bolshevik to kill the Tsar and his family and take over.
      West began a BLOODY game, where Russia had no cards. And now they know Russia will exact a BLOODY REVENGE.
      May not be war, but the coups and killing of leaders and doing like in Iraq and Libya , may be coming to an end.
      The Obama's, Cameron, Merkel and others of one world, one gov, one language dream mat get crushed.
      Oh, and keep messing with China. They don't understand China.
    • ZOG wages a war on every nation and on the US citizens as well, i hope Russia will out wit our leaders and we can hang them from the trees in DC!
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      She is an ugly hag dog inside and out. "Probably" stinks the area around her.
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      Has anyone noticed that the United States conducts most of it's deliberations and briefings in secret, even the recent TTIP trade deal was done in complete secrecy and they have the nerve to call it a democracy. This government is one of the most secret and least open governments on the planet. How can an uniformed public possibly cast their ballot's without knowing what is going on in their government? This is one of the reasons that the so called election process in the US is a sham and joke. The current trend of more and more secrecy and collusion behind closed doors is a sure sign that democracy is dead in the United States.
    • Dirk Ramseyin reply tojemfinch1(Show commentHide comment)
      jemfinch1, She was appointed by Dick Cheney. If Obama had any kind of smarts, he would have canned her on day one. Oh no. She and all of her neocon rats infesting the state dept. kept their jobs. I doubt that the next president will do any kind of house cleaning at state.
    • Dirk Ramseyin reply tojemfinch1(Show commentHide comment)
      jemfinch1, She was appointed by Dick Cheney. If Obama had any kind of smarts, he would have canned her on day one. Oh no. She and all of her neocon rats infesting the state dept. kept their jobs. I doubt that the next president will do any kind of house cleaning at state.
    • Dirk Ramseyin reply to (Show commentHide comment)
      Goyimwhisperer, Looking at the current selection of idiots being put forth by the wall st. owners of the U$A, I think that there may be a revolution and you may get your wish.
    • Dirk Ramsey
      I do not know why the foreign relations committee even bothers to talk to her. The rest of the world knows that she has not told the truth once in a row in heк whole life . Pure neocon evil.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Anti democratic issues in Europe ? What does this idiot mean by anti democratic ? Oh let me guess ..... Women are getting raped by migrants and the European people are protesting this type of migrant behavior .... Therefore the protesting of migrant crimes is anti democratic. Putin will see right through this one !
    • Hagbard Celine
      I wonder what her nick is behind closed doors.

      Ladies and gentlemen, what word comes to your mind when you see her face ?

      Yes, thats what they call the litfle lady behind her back.

      Reminds me of George Bush somehow... (I hope that does not violate your community standards).
    • Mayito Mayitoh
      John McCain is already banned to enter in Russia... but Jew Nuland and Jew Robert Kagan husband were the Master-minds behind the Kiev Coup... I don't get it!!!... How is possible still Russian officials are even talking with this criminal?????
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      Victoria Nuland was hysterical when she demanded to land in Russia and then warned of war, swore at Putin:

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      Eudoxiain reply toMayito Mayitoh(Show commentHide comment)
      Mayito Mayitoh, The severe snub she got from Lazrov was very telling. I doubt Putin would have anything to do with her ever. The neocons time will come and hopefully sooner rather than later.
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