09:25 GMT +326 March 2019
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    Hillary Clinton/Karl Marx

    WATCH: Hillary Clinton Supporters Endorse Vice President Pick… Karl Marx

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    Choosing a presidential running mate is a carefully crafted political decision. But as this video demonstrates, a number of Hillary Clinton supporters would be more than happy if she chose a long-dead philosopher, especially as he is one who probably would not be her biggest fan.

    Mark Dice has a habit of tricking people into revealing their political ignorance. Last June, he convinced dozens of pedestrians to sign a petition to preemptively nuke Russia. In July, he posted a video showing Americans who are woefully misinformed about the beginnings of their own country.

    Now he’s up to his old tricks, convincing supporters of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton that economic philosopher Karl Marx will be her choice for Vice President.

    That Marx is a German and has been dead for over 100 years doesn’t seem to deter voters.


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