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    US Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

    Charges Against Hillary Clinton May Depend on Iowa Voting

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    It is quite possible that Hillary Clinton goes down politically following new revelations in the e-mail scandal. That might prompt moving forward the charges against the Democratic Presidential Candidate, James George Jatras, former US diplomat and adviser to US Senate Republican leadership, told Radio Sputnik.

    On Friday, the US State Department spokesman John Kirby confirmed that Clinton's unsecured personal server contained top-secret information.

    "There is simply no way that other countries' intelligence services…would not have had access to the information on her service," Jatras told Radio Sputnik.

    According to the former diplomat, one of the reasons why the e-mail story is dragging on and why there are currently no felony charges against the former Secretary of State, is that Clinton is still the odds on favorite for the Democratic nomination. This puts President Obama and Democratic party in a very hard position, Jatras explained.

    "There's simply no way in the normal course of business this woman would not be endited, prosecuted and stuck in jail," he said. "The question is whether she will be shielded for political reasons".

    According to Jatras, everything indicates that the FBI will recommend enticement for felony against Clinton, but it is unclear whether President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch will decline to act on that recommendation in order to protect her.

    Whether the Obamas and Clintons like each other or not, they are "kind of stuck with each other," Jatras said, especially since Vice President Joe Biden declined to run for presidential nomination. Recently Barack Obama shared his view of the candidates, and many analysts believe that he favors Clinton, following his remarks that she is battle-tested and more experienced.

    "At this point they really don't have anybody else who can say 'I am going to carry on the Obama legacy',"Jatras said. "It does put the White House in a difficult position."

    The former diplomat expressed doubt that the issue will follow Hillary Clinton if she does get the nomination and especially if she gets voted into office. For that reason, the aftermath of the e-mail scandal should be expected in the next few months.

    "I don't think it's possible she could weather the storm, get elected and then somehow it would come bite her after she got elected…" Jaras said. "If this is going to bring her down, it's going to bring her down in the next couple of months."

    He also suggested that voting in Iowa on February 1 could dramatically influence the course of events and Clinton's future legal problems, for there would be no reason to protect someone who is going down politically anyway.

    "I have this sneaking suspicion that if Hillary does go down…that in a very odd way might actually prompt moving forward the charges," Jatras concluded.    


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      Lock up the vile hag for the sake of humanity.
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      If someone has a chance of being President, then ignore wrongdoings. If they don't have a chance to be president, then indict them. What a country, what people,..what logic...
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      It's the Outlaw US Empire for a very good reason--it only chooses to obey and enforce certain laws while ignoring all the others because no nation or person has held it accountable--ever. Bush broke numerous national and international laws with his war crime invasion of Iraq, rendition and torture regime, and drone war; yet, he's still a free man. Bill Clinton is just as guilty of a similar set of crimes and is still a free man. Despite her numerous faults, the Outlaw Empire's "Deep State" want Hillary Clinton to become the next puppet and don't give a rat's ass about her gross criminality. That's the reason she'll walk away free after committing crimes that would land almost anyone else in jail for close to life.

      If Russia operated like the Outlaw Empire, Clinton would be snatched, transported to a secure gulag within Russia, and tried for the crimes she committed, found guilty then imprisoned. In response to Empire complaints, Russia could just cite the numerous precedents created by the Empire and give the middle finger salute.
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      Bottom line is that no citizen has a moral responsibility to cooperate, no matter what happens.
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      Imagine if any one of us has done something similar. Could I say to FBI, hang on boys it really does not fit well within the company I work for and with my bosses. You know, they may think it would not be good for their business. Let me finish my projects, let me retire, and then we can talk.

      Jail her!
    • Ann
      What they mean is, "she is battle-tested and more experienced" as a globalist elite, whom they know for certain will tow the line and lie as much as required. She will keep her mouth shut, even in the face of the threat of going to prison if she is caught. The best thing is - they don't even have to blackmail or threaten her! She wears her yoke with PRIDE!
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      God help us if this corrupt venomous snake gets elected. It will be more endless wars.
    • Ann in reply toLalibela(Show commentHide comment)
      Lalibela, EXACTLY! They just cheapened the office of President, of the United States of America. They just proved to the world that American presidents are NOT elected by the People - they are SELECTED by the elites. They just proved that the laws of this country do not apply to the politically affluent.

      They will prove there is no alternative but for the People to throw off this govt, by any means necessary, and start over.
    • Ann in reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
      karlof1, I ❤ your comment! Too bad Putin doesn't make an exception for the queen.
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      Morality, ethical behavior, and good government get tossed out the window when it comes to political expediency. Iran greatly helped Republican candidate Ronald Reagan get elected by promising to release the 52 imprisoned Americans IF Reagan was elected and IF he gave Iran guns and military hardware immediately after being elected. Which he was, and which he did. And so did Iran keep it's end of the deal, releasing the imprisoned Americans two days after Reagan was sworn into office. The same political expediency was practiced with Republican candidate Richard Nixon, who negotiated with the North Vietnamese representatives to the Paris peace talks to put a halt to the then imminent Vietnam War cease fire and peace agreements engineered by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson and supported by Democratic candidate Carter because Carter could then claim -- before the election -- that Democrats had put an end to the Vietnam war, not the Republicans. Nixon's reasoning was that with Carter's Democratic party ending the war then Carter, not Richard Nixon, would be elected President. With Nixon, ethics and the saving of the lives of American troops got tossed out the window in favor of political expediency -- and thus Nixon got elected. Nixon had effectively scuttled the Paris peace talks, and so the Vietnam war continued unabated for another four years. During that time 20,000 additional American military needlessly lost their lives as the result of Nixon's unethical, self-centered, political expediency. And so now it's happening all over again -- this time it's the Democratic party's executives putting political expediency -- Hillary Clinton elected President at all costs -- ahead of everything else, and tossing ethics and good government out the window.
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      rgrag1245in reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
    • Porkbelly Porkerpig
      Endited, indicted.
      Enticement, indictment.
      What difference does it make?
      Hillary is still a mean vile Witch!
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      karlof1in reply toAnn (Show commentHide comment)
      sixpack6t9, Thanks for your reply! I enjoyed your comments to this article. I hope we interact more in the future.
    • Ann in reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
      karlof1, I'll be watching for you! Good day to you.
    • Ann in reply torgrag1245(Show commentHide comment)
      rgrag1245, I believe they'll rig them any way possible, including electronically.
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