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    Thousands Petition Rapper Snoop Dogg to Take on ‘Planet Earth’

    Thousands Petition Rapper Snoop Dogg to Take on ‘Planet Earth’

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    After rapper Snoop Dogg narrated a couple of scenes from the popular nature show Planet Earth on Jimmy Kimmel last March, a petition has garnered over 17,000 signatures to have him replace David Attenborough for an entire season of the show, and renaming it ‘Plizzanet Earth’ for the duration.

    Snoop has seen the petition and stated that he is on board, writing, “Who made this? Let’s get this s**t going. Who want more #PlizzanetEarth?!” On his Instagram and Twitter accounts with a screenshot of the petition.

    “Snoop Dogg has narrated some Planet Earth in the past but yo we need him to narrate full episodes. Sign the petition if you agree,” the petition, created by Kelly Ooton on Change.org, reads.

    The clips, of which Snoop has done several, are hilarious.

    “Who is these animals?” he asks in one clip as a group of otters chased by a crocodile. “Is them mongooses? There’s about 12 of them, they backed that gator up. I ain’t never seen no gator get punked by some mongooses.”

    Supporters of the petition have cited everything from making the show more appealing to younger music fans to the assertion that “Snoop intimately knows Mother Earth.”

    “Snoop Dogg is the hero Planet Earth deserves, but not the one it needs right now,” James Eckles, of Annapolis, Maryland, commented on signing the petition.


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