17:44 GMT +326 February 2017
    US Navy Spearhead (Expeditionary Fast Transport) during sea trials in 2012

    US Navy Details Plans to Outmatch Russia and China

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    Struggling to keep up with global rivals, the Pentagon has announced the details of a plan to keep the US Navy one step ahead of Russia and China.

    With the rapid growth of Moscow and Beijing’s militaries, the Pentagon has become increasingly nervous about the state of its own operations. As a result, the US Defense Department has been developing a "Third Offset Strategy," its program to stay ahead of the competition.

    The plan applies to all branches of the military. On Thursday, the Pentagon announced details specific to the Navy.

    "The Navy’s engagement is predominantly in UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles), cyber, and EMW (Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare)," Rear Adm. Mat Winter said, according to Breaking Defense.

    Of those three engagements, the Navy is most interested in UUV development. Already in possession of a number of small unmanned submarines, the Pentagon hopes to create larger robotic submersibles with a longer range.

    Ideally, these would be able to operate with little human interaction, autonomously delivering weapon payloads and scouting for subsurface mines. Once such craft, the Large Diameter Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (LDUUV) will be tested this summer.

    "We are going to have unscripted obstructions and barriers, and we are going to see can it sense and avoid those," Winter said.

    The admiral was less forthcoming about the highly-classified cyberwarfare program, though the Pentagon has recently expressed concern over weaknesses in fleet communication networks. Potentially vulnerable to cyberattacks, naval ships could be left blind and defenseless in a future conflict, leading to development of new technologies for Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare.

    "EMW is going to be a game changer in our ability to operate in the denied [environment], for the deceptive engagement that we’re really going to need to fight that high-end fight," Winter said.

    Essentially, the Navy plans to reduce noise and electronic output, allowing ships to slip through enemy waters undetected.

    While officials tout the benefits of new technologies, the Defense Department is also interested in retrofitting older tools, largely as a cost-saving measure.

    "One of the things we’re encouraging is repurposing [existing] capabilities, versus always searching for the new shiny object," Winter said. "We can turn around and repurpose already established and fielded capabilities with a very minor, minor technical update but a whole[sale] repurposing of TTPs [tactics, techniques, and procedures] and CONOPs [concepts of operations]."

    Despite claims of autonomous submarines and cutting-edge cyber capabilities, the Pentagon may, in fact, more actively pursue cost-effective repurposing of older tech. Earlier, the US Navy indicated it would bring sophisticated energy weapons to its fleet. The USS Ponce, for example, boasts a 30-kw laser cannon.

    During today’s summary, Winter downplayed the prospect of such weapons.

    "We can’t just push this out there and put a laser in every pot," he said. "You can’t just plug and play."


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    • Andreas Koppa
      To begin with they should begin fixing all the last blatant fiascoes.
    • "EMW is going to be a game changer in our ability to operate in the denied [environment], for the deceptive engagement that we’re really going to need to fight that high-end fight," Winter said."

      A game changer....in the comedy fight the soldiers will be laughing and then the gi's will show up! Thanks winter for that news.
    • avatar
      Haha, Russia and China already have that covered and by the time America gets her new bits and pieces, how many later generationsof Chinese and Russian equivalents will be up and running? Washington DC, you never thought anybody would fight back and how many decades are you behind with your intelligence?
    • avatar
      The US will never gain any advantages over Russia or China in the military field. They simply just don't have the expertise necessary to do so. They can barely keep up with the Iranians, so this is just more hot air from the Pentagon without any significance.
    • avatar
      Silly and undeveloped thinking behind such desires by the US. They should more think about how they can best cooperate with Russia and China to secure a bright future for humanity.

      Instead they are dominated by antagonistic geopolitical thinking that stems from the domination of the idea of competition from private 'free' market ideology.
    • klod.infobeez
      Oh ! How interesting : they're loosing step and wanna more and more stuff... but where the bucks will come from ? Yet another quantitative easing ?
    • avatar
      Let's face it..The Irony... The first airborne laser was in? Russia. U.S bought some ships for scrap metal from Ukraine. They were Russian ships actually. Obsolete. In one they found a speacial generator never seen before.
      Then they discovered that Russia was experimenting with NAVAL lasers for years. Blinding satellites and what not.
      And they going to agitate the mess? It will HIT THE FAN... Watch again the tractor trailers , by hundreds arriving at Washington. Filled with geriatric diapers.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      ," Washington DC, you never thought anybody would fight back and how many decades are you behind with your intelligence?"

      Washington is regressing with its 'intelligence'. The State Dept and Military zombies have been watching far too many chest thumping films and shouting 'oooo ssss a ' as they congratulate themselves on the chaos they cause in the world and as they ignore the US Military dead that have fallen for NOTHING.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply tohans.schultz(Show commentHide comment)
      Well said. Yours is the opinion of an adult.
    • avatar
      And beware. The Russian economic BULL HORN, will end. IF Russia triple the energy tax and maintain the prices out..... And eliminate the west LOAN SHARKS, that are using every loop they find to create schemes in Russia, then tell them to protest to force Kremlin to pay, Russia will be back on track and way stronger than before Ukraine coup.
    • v76
      ... lol, I still an amazed at the absolute stupidity and limited ability to think of the murika elitei.

      They are already 10-15 years behind Russia and think they can catch up.... everything they do costs between 10-100 times more, it takes longer and 90% of the time produces an inferior product... murika is becoming a laughing stock.
      And the murikans think Russia will sit on what they have and not continue to advance and build.

      Good luck to the murikan people because my god you are going to need it.
    • avatar
      espenskrdalin reply tov76(Show commentHide comment)
      v76, pride is a hard pill to swallow
    • Baybarsin reply toklod.infobeez(Show commentHide comment)
      klod.infobeez, Negative interest rates and the theft of savings and pensions from the American people, just for starters.
    • Baybars
      There is no more catching up. America has one last shot and that is to go 'all in' and strike first.
    • Ivan Buckeye
      F-35, USS Independence, USS Milwaukee...the U.S. literally goes overboard with upgrades. Haha.
    • avatar
      War crazed terrorist American government. Their demise will come from within its own boards. Silly little politicians.
    • itchyvet .
      Bit late already. Russia's capabilities are miles ahead of the Yanks, LOL, sounds like a lot of catching up to me, in the meantime the Russians will still be further ahead. LOL.
      When the Russians knocked out their ships in the black sea it frightened the living daylights out of the Americans, they had no idea the Russians had that capability which the Americans do not have themselves.
    • itchyvet .in reply toBaybars(Show commentHide comment)
      Baybars, Not gonna happen in this lifetime.
    • avatar
      Delusional Americans.
    • avatar
      US navy and US Airforce have no brains . In my opinion US technology is as outdated as a third world. Anybody can make aircraft carriers and Stealth bombers.
      My bet is India 100 times more intelligent than US counterpart in potential.i eve meet Saudi Students in USA and they do better than students from USA.

      USA is putting too much money in welfare.
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