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    Konstantin Yaroshenko

    Russian Pilot Yaroshenko Held in US Jail Gets Surgery Without Preparation

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    Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is held in a US prison, was surgically operated on without appropriate preparations and then returned to his prison cell while in “pain shock”, his lawyer stated.

    US medical specialists have performed medical surgery on Yaroshenko without any proper preparations, Alexey Tarasov, the pilot’s lawyer, said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

    "There is a situation that, on the one hand, we sought the surgery, on the other hand, it was done without any preparation… For the second day, he [Yaroshenko] cannot walk, he has severe pains. He has not been fed for an unknown reason," Tarasov said.

    The surgery was made without notification on Thursday. Doctors haven’t made needed preliminary preparations and haven’t carried out health tests. Moreover, the day before the incident Yaroshenko was put in a solitary confinement for "no apparent reason."

    "The surgery was done under general anesthesia. But after 20 minutes after Yaroshenko was awake, he was handcuffed and told 'Stop lying! ' and taken back to the prison in a common cell," Tarasov added.

    Yaroshenko wasn’t proper rehabilitation after the surgical procedures. Shortly after Yaroshenko was brought to his cell. According to Tarasov, now he "cannot walk and has severe pains."

    Diplomats for both the US and Russia were made aware of the incident.

    Yaroshenko was arrested in Liberia in 2010 reportedly for smuggling cocaine. He was then transferred to the US under state order and sentenced to a 20-year prison term. Russian authorities have repeatedly expressed concern over the circumstances of his detainment and the conditions the Russian citizen is being held in.


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    • jas
      The US is desperate for a war, which is exactly why they shouldn't get it.
    • Mother Gorilla
      What else do you expect from the Gitmo gang?
    • Glamoureus
      So he commited crime in Lyberia but got american judge?

      Had no clue there was a place in USA called Lyberia.
    • Mitach2002
      Scum terrorist American government.
    • rogertidy
    • elsa.zardini
    • anne00marie
      Is he in the US or Guantanama? What is the problem with those running Washington? Can you imagine the hysteria if he was an American being held and treated in Russia? No wonder Snowden sought safety from the Russians.
    • anne00mariein reply toGlamoureus(Show commentHide comment)
      Glamoureus, I wonder if they are the same as Poland and have secret torture cells, fully financed by Obama and his buddies?
    • ivanwa88
      Was this tit for tat on arrest of Ukraine female pilot who murdered two Russian journalist if it is then surely that confirms she was a CIA sleeper. By the way she was arrested on her way back into Russia? escaping authorities who had a warrant for her arrest. Is she Russian and volunteered for Ukraine battalion? Perhaps why US putting so much into this to encourage other sleepers to hold fast! what a dirty web we weave.
    • teddy j
      this is nothing less than BARBARISM, SAVAGERY AND TORTURE.
      this is all about the USA ''police state" basically sending a message to moscow:

      " we will KIDNAP russians across the world -- keep them and torture them - and there's nothing you can do about it" ...

      that is what this is all about.

      the USA kidnappingk, TORTURE state, demonsstrating its "power" ...
    • teddy j
      the usa torture state does this:

      kidnapping, jailing and refusing access behind made-up ''charges" and ''laws" as it goes along --

      and then TORTURE -- OPENLY demonstrating its impunity that ''russia can not do anything"

      because it knows NO country will go to war with the USA TO 'GET our citizen back" - it's just not practical - to say the least --

      and therefore countries are forced to try and go the route of REAL diplomacy and following REAL HUMAN LAWS --

      and in the MEANTIME -- which is the MAIN point -- as the USA KIDNAPS, ISOLATES, DENIES ACCESS, TORTURES AND does what it wants to the person (such as this ''medical procedure")

      it demonstrates to russia and the world "we do what we do because we CAN" .

      POWER -- that is what the USA about --including the POWER to torture and commit savage acts knowing ''you can't stop us -- what are you gonna do -- try and take this man by coming to the NEW YORK HARBOR??"

      that's what this is about...

      and in the meantime TAKES PLEASURE in torturing and destroying a human being who 'belongs to " russia or some country the USA can't get to BOW in obedience.

      it is reflected in the emerging REAL face of american BRUTAL police state system - its paranoia about ''security and safety"
      its coRporate LAWS AND RULERS that work hand in hand with its surveillance, police , fascist state....

      all of it -- acts and institutions of CRUELTY and bestiality and savagery -- dressed up as an ''exceptional nation".
    • Ann in reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, Yet they have the cojones to whine about Iran catching spies in their waters and holding them - how dare any country think they can hold the exceptionals accountable for anything!
    • Ann in reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, Absolutely.
    • Ann in reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, this is also the exact same thing the US accused North Korea, China, Russia and Iran of doing. You see, the west always REVERSES the facts to the EXACT opposite of reality and DEFLECTS the blame for everything it does. They think it makes them in the right.
    • teddy jin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, anne00marie.

      hi --
      the way i understand it -- the gitmo facilities and grounds are like on 'lease" from cuba -- but also a result of long-ago ''compromise" - in which the americans just SIMPLY WOULDN'T LEAVE. they already were there since the times before CASTRO took down the BATISTA fascists that the USA supported and the USA maintained their presence...and just nothing the cubans could do about it,

      SQUATTERS who won't leave -- therefore they seem to have come to an understanding that at least USA should be paying rent.

      although cuba had long wanted the USA to leave.

      it is now becoming like that in NORTHEAST SYRIA next to iraq...

      where the KURDS allowed the USA ''sole rights" to expand that airbase or airstrip -- going on now for weeks...

      but of course -- whatever the KURDS think -- they are not YET an independent country of their own -- and therefore - under international RULES

      can not and should NOT be making their own laws while there has been no resolution to their plight regarding their proposed ''independent kurdistan" -

      and what syria says which IS the country they are IN.

      AND IF they can do that with the USA -- passing 'permission" without the PERMISSION of SYRIA which IS the only legitimate state RECOGNIZED UNDER international laws -- then the KURDS can not single out

      a SYRIAN territory under their feet any more than they would INSIDE TURKEY OR IRAQ.

      therefore BOTH KURDS in syria AND the USA are operating ILLEGALLY

      and against SYRIAN SOVEREIGNTY.

      but that is how the USA ''makes a permanent presence"

      ILLEGALLY -- in entry (like attacking iraq and libya and trying to ''enter russia" through crimea through ukraine...etc

      and ILLEGALLY and CRIMINALLY ''overstaying" where it was NOT INVITED to begin with.

      in short -- a through and through CRIMINAL nation - like a thief that goes in through your window or back door or kitchen door or front door (often kicking them in)

      and then making itself 'feel at home" in YOUR own house

      and then telling YOUR folks "dont' come in to MY house "

      meaning YOUR house and ''his" house in thE usa.

      because of 'safety".

    • ivanwa88
      They have been doing it for hundreds of years its ingrained in the psyche, hence the massive difference between East and West. Which was formed on criminalisation of a nation. The East was formed on defended its home with pride and passion.
      2015 showed the truth as was foretold in major astrological predestined event. 2016 is the start of reformation of world structures leading to justice and peace, many of those that feel they are immune will be brought to justice by 2020 and will be dealt with by 2030 that is written.
    • Terrain reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      And if they somehow should get it it should be their last one!!!
    • armorin reply toteddy j(Show commentHide comment)
      teddy j, clear, excellent: spot-on. Thank you.
    • vendor
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