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    People cross a street as it snows in Washington

    Powerful Blizzard Begins Hitting US East Coast

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    America’s Eastern Seaboard is bracing for what is expected to be one of the strongest blizzards on record. The Washington DC-area in particular is expected to receive up to two feet of snow, a potentially record-breaking amount for that part of the country.

    The snow has begun falling heavily, and while Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia have made preparations, the impact could be substantial.

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      Weather map from NOAA

    • 03:51

      Supply can't keep up with demand

    • 03:46

      Forecast update

      Models indicate that snow is beginning supercharge in spots, which could result in snow thunder.

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    • 03:36

      The National Guard is on alert

    • 03:26

      DC update

      The capital has been covered in roughly 3 to five inches of snow.

    • 03:16

      Could it be?

    • 03:13

      Forecast update

      Weather models show the storm continuing to gain strength off the South Carolina coast.

    • 03:11

      The US Capitol Building

    • 03:10

      Cleaning a deserted platform

    • 03:07

      Snow continues to fall in the capital

    • 03:04

      Storm warnings stretch across more than 1,100 miles

    • 03:03

      After five hours, the wind begins to pick up in DC

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      A much better name than "Jonas"

    • 02:54

      The view in Baltimore

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      Stay warm

    • 02:46

      Washington DC isn't used to snow

    • 02:41

      Snowball fights breakout across DC

    • 02:38

      The Martin Luther King Jr. memorial

    • 02:33

      Gotta eat

    • 02:29

      The snow reaches New Jersey

    • 02:25

      Live stream from the National Mall

    • 02:20

      The view from above

    • 02:17

      Trapped inside? Need a movie recommendation?

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      Blizzard 2016, brought to you by Star Wars

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      DC Update

      Snow currently falling at a rate of nearly one inch per hour. Temperatures remain in the lows 20s with visibility up to one half mile.

    • 02:07

      Remember: Bring in your pets

    • 02:04

      Empty streets on the outskirts of DC

    • 01:57

      One of the last flights to depart Reagan

    • 01:50

      DC in crisis: Still better than LA

    • 01:49

      The White House

    • 01:45

      DC metro stations nearly empty

    • 01:41

      Avoid the roads

    • 01:40

      Current predictions

      Latest models predict between 18-20 inches of snow in DC, which would make the current storm the city's largest blizzard since 1922.

    • 01:37

      Stay warm, people

    • 01:35

      Flight attendants happy to get away from the blizzard

    • 01:32

      DC Update

      The capital has received over two inches of snow, with temperatures remaining mostly in the low 20s.

    • 01:29

      Hunker down and do a little baking

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      David Bowie tribute

    • 01:23

      The snowy, abandoned capital

    • 01:21

      Philadelphia forecast

      Philadelphia could receive between 18 to 24 inches of snow.

    • 01:19

      Snowplows prepare to sweep DC

    • 01:17

      Hunker down and enjoy some treats

    • 01:13

      Reagan National Airport in DC nearly deserted

    • 01:11

      Over 3,000 flights have been cancelled across the United States

    • 01:10

      With government offices closed, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier remains guarded

    • 01:03

      The streets of DC are empty

    • 01:01

      Nighttime predictions

      Thunder snow could occur, with extreme snowfall rates of two to three inches per hour.

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      Blizzards call for creative solutions

    • 00:56

      Weather projections

    • 00:54

      Calm in the capital

    • 00:51

      Storm begins to reach Baltimore area

    • 00:47

      Duration of the storm

      Snow is expected to fall continuously for 36 hours.

    • 00:44

      The National Mall

    • 00:42

      Current predictions

      Meteorologists predict that Washington DC will receive between 16-30 inches of snow. Winds may approach speeds of 50 mph.

    • 00:39

      Citizens prepare for the worst

    • 00:38

      The storm moves in

    Powerful Blizzard Begins Hitting US East Coast
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