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    Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) and US Secretary of State John Kerry talk before a conference on the Syria conflict in Vienna, Austria, on November 14, 2015

    Paranoid US Suspects Russia Behind ‘NATO-Sceptic Parties in Europe'

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    The US Congress has mandated US intelligence services to carry out far-reaching investigations into activities of a number of European parties critical of EU and NATO policies.

    The US suspects that these parties are supported by Russia which allegedly seeks to undermine NATO, stop the deployment of US missiles and revoke punitive sanctions against Russia imposed after Crimea's secession from Ukraine, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) wrote, referring to the British Telegraph.

    "It really is a new Cold War out there. Right across the EU we are seeing alarming evidence of Russian efforts to unpick the fabric of European unity on a whole range of vital strategic issues," an anonymous source told the Telegraph.

    The subject of the investigation will be Euro-sceptic parties in France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. The inquiry is designed to find out whether Russia is trying to undermine the "political cohesion" in Europe.

    The American initiative occurred after Marine Le Pen's French party the National Front received a nine million-euro loan from a Russian bank in 2014.

    If the US comes to the "conclusion" that NATO is in danger, US authorities will act "in the interests of national security" and impose sanctions against the parties involved.

    The newspaper referred to Michael Maier who described the consequences of such sanctions in his new book:

    "The sanctions are a part of a global war in which the United States takes advantage of the role of the dollar as a world currency. Banks might be prohibited to make transactions with such parties. They could be banned from entry in the United States, while the assets of the parties or individuals collaborating with them could be frozen," Maier wrote.


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